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ipt AG Thomas Schaller - Partner, Head of Sales

"Digitalization Simplified = added value & efficiency for ipt"

Innovation Process Technology AG (ipt) is a Swiss IT consulting company with over 100 consultants. They deliver innovative integration solutions for complex business challenges, be it in the area of digitalization, API Management, IoT, Cloud, Security, Quality and Testing, and many more.

Each project is a single piece, a tailor-made solution for ipt’s customers, jointly developed with the know-how and assets of its partners, based on its focused conceptual consulting competence. Their strength and core competence is in the field of combining integration and innovation, in order to offer the perfect and unique added value to their customers.

ipt found in Nexell a very professional and responsive partner that not only does good implementation work but also showed us a clear path to the future.
ipt has been a customer for many years, working with another partner. Due to their changing needs and required service level, ipt decided to further their CRM needs with Nexell.

ipt was working with a highly customized salesforce solution, with non-standard functions, built over the years to meet requirements. Over time however, this tailored solution became a challenge to maintain with each new salesforce release. ipt wanted a more standard “out of the box” functionality, and an overall simplification of their system. They also wanted to address system usability and user acceptance challenges. For Marketing, mailings and newsletters, ipt was working with an eMarketing solution that did not completely fulfill their needs, and could no longer be supported.

After an initial system review and audit, as well as strategy discussions, a joint plan was developed and put in place. The newly defined approach touches multiple business areas and addresses challenges related to ipt’s end customer’s lifecycle.

ipt met Nexell, discussed their situation and outlined its business needs and technical requirements. Nexell responded with a competent and professional approach, openly discussing the best way forward, as well as pros & cons of different approaches. Professionalism and know-how was proven by running a complete system review & audit, assessing and defining the strategic way forward. Based on experience and best practices, Nexell could map how their business needs could be addressed by properly using the system, simplifying and using standard functions rather than highly customized and custom developed solutions.

Their marketing tool was replaced by Pardot as ipt required more marketing automation than simple mass-mailing and newsletters. Pardot now provides many tools that additionally help ipt to generate meaningful networks & connections, giving them the opportunity for profiling, visitor tracking with lead scoring as well as using landing pages and custom templates, etc.

With Nexell being a Certified Partner also with experience in web design and digitalization, challenges faced with ipt’s website, responsive templates, design and needed CSS, HTML coding etc, could efficiently be addressed.

Thanks to Nexell’s experience and fundamental ethos of simplification, ipt was retained as a salesforce customer and is today an avid reference customer. Despite the constant technical changes and technological evolution, simplification has allowed for better user adoption, better reporting & statistics, as well as increased and efficient lead qualification and ultimately, better client satisfaction.

After years of working with Nexell, ipt very much appreciates Nexell’s continued reliability and its professional, friendly and responsive support. 

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Like copper cables to fiber optics - Nexell have accelerated our CRM performance and increased our sales productivity with Salesforce.


Rodrigo Alvarez, Teamleader CRM

DPD is all about closer connections and delivering solutions that matter. Nexell and Salesforce have been the perfect partners for our project because they live by the same motto.


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Trust is vital in our business, and with nothing but good experiences with Nexell they were the clear partner for us to return to and accompany us through our Salesforce project.


David Narr, Director

Why Nexell? Because they were never afraid of difficult questions and we knew we could trust them to mentor us to the same standard that we mentor our own clients.

Nexell GmbH mit Sitz in der Schweiz ist Ihr offizieller, zertifizierter Partner für und, Pardot und Fonteva.

Seit der Gründung im Jahr 2002 unterstützen wir unsere Kunden und non-profit Organizationen im Bereich CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Unser Dienstleistungsangebot und unsere Technologien greifen auf langjährige Erfahrung mit kleine wie grossen Firmen, lokal wie international, zurück. Diese Erfahrung führte zu einer Reihe von Best Practices, welche wir heute auf jedes Projekt anwenden, ob gross oder klein, national oder international.

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