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Beekeeper Andreas Rinner - Head of Channel

"Connect the Unconnected - with the help of Nexell"

Beekeeper AG is a Swiss startup, founded in 2012 as an ETH Zürich University spinoff.
The Beekeeper app was first developed as a student’s social community project called Spocal. The company was founded with the vision to connect the unconnected through a social platform to better engage people.

Today, Beekeeper employs more than 50 people and serves more than 150 clients. The Beekeeper communication app is used in 130 countries and is designed for employees who do not work behind a desk and are hard to reach because of shifts or hourly work, travel or temporary contracts.

Companies with a large number of non-desktop workers face the challenge to integrate them with the rest of the organization. It helps companies stay in touch with remote users, including kitchen and front-desk personnel as well as cleaners in hotels, clerks in shops and factory workers. Beekeeper bridges this gap and adapts the platform to business processes and needs.

With the salesforce community cloud, we could further scale and structure our global partner network. We could always count on the reliable and professional support of the Nexell team, their valuable advice and the hands-on project implementation.
Beekeeper is a young, sales-driven, forward-looking business with great growth potential. They have been a long time Salesforce customer, managing the entire sales process and storing and handling all clients, projects, and data within the platform. With its employees’ technical background, Beekeeper was able to customize certain Salesforce functionality by themselves.

Beekeeper's worldwide sales partner network used a different portal platform which was not connected to the Salesforce system. This created a challenge for the Beekeeper team, to manage the growing number of sales partners and their leads.

In an early stage of growing their sales partner network, Beekeeper realized that managing and growing the customer, partner and lead base efficiently, would only be possible with an integrated, centralized solution. They needed a tool with extended portal functionalities, which could be tailored to the needs of the sales partners. Nexell was asked to step in to support Beekeeper’s own technical resources, and help maximize their investment in

With Beekeeper’s decision for Nexell, they chose Europe’s first certified implementation partner. Nexell brings extensive experience in customized and solution-oriented Salesforce applications, web integration and expert advice.

Nexell provides a broad, long-term experience with corporations and organizations of all sizes, nationally and internationally and a solid technical know-how, which helped Beekeeper quickly put their vision into action, in a cost effective manner.

The new partner portal was designed and implemented by Nexell with the Salesforce Community Cloud and integrated into the Beekeeper website. This portal provides the foundation for a growing partner pool worldwide.

Each sales partner has its own portal login. Once logged in, a Beekeeper partner will find different sections in his profile. With a tailored Lead and Account registration form all relevant information of a qualified new Lead or the licences order of a customer, can be logged. The information is automatically synced with the relevant fields in Salesforce and shown under the particular Lead, Contact or Account. Beekeeper’s employees validate each new Lead and handle related Contracts and Orders directly from Salesforce.

Another important tool in the partner portal is the product pricing calculator. Partners can quickly calculate a company’s license fees for the Beekeeper app, dependent on the number of users, and immediately create a quote.

Furthermore, the portal contains a library with product information, fact sheets, white-papers and customer references in different languages. This helps Beekeeper provide latest news, updates, trends, best practices and much more to their sales partners.

Beekeeper is happy to have consolidated the two previous systems into a central CRM. Today, all data is managed in Salesforce as one single integrated tool. The risk of duplicate data was eliminated and all information is clearly structured and represented, comparable with the clear structure found in a beehive.

Beekeeper is thankful for the reliable and professional support of the Nexell team, their valuable advice and the hands-on project implementation. With their help, Beekeeper’s lead generation and sales process, as well as its partner and customer relationship management, are much more efficient. The single partner portal provides full functionality for an almost self-servicing sales operation, all running on one system,

With this new customized, streamlined PRM (Partner Relationship Management) and CRM system as its “beehive”, Beekeeper can focus on its own ongoing app optimization and customer success.

Beekeeper is establishing itself in new markets and industries and helps companies to connect and engage more non-desk bound employees, who are without emails or mobile phones, into their internal communication processes.

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Nexell GmbH mit Sitz in der Schweiz ist Ihr offizieller, zertifizierter Partner für und, Pardot und Fonteva.

Seit der Gründung im Jahr 2002 unterstützen wir unsere Kunden und non-profit Organizationen im Bereich CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Unser Dienstleistungsangebot und unsere Technologien greifen auf langjährige Erfahrung mit kleine wie grossen Firmen, lokal wie international, zurück. Diese Erfahrung führte zu einer Reihe von Best Practices, welche wir heute auf jedes Projekt anwenden, ob gross oder klein, national oder international.

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