"No time and resources for digitization in Non-Profits?"
- just an excuse?  The digital world keeps spinning...

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Experience the Secret Sauce of successfully connected Non-Profit Organizations !

Becoming a connected non-profit seems to be critical in 2019.  Be it for fundraising management, project management, or impact management, digitization is setting new rules.  Can you simply ignore it ?

Get inspired by people and organizations that were right in your shoes a couple of months or years ago; telling you what has changed and why they took action and, about their challenges of becoming a connected non-profit as well as the big plus.

We look forward to an inspiring seminar about the secret ingredients of a connected non-profit.

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20:00  End of event

Nicolas Boissez, Head of Communication and External Relations at Fondation Hirondelle.  Giving us "Feedback on a challenging but essential digital journey"

Fondation Hirondelle is a Swiss non-profit organization founded in 1995, which provides information to populations faced with crisis, empowering them in their daily lives and as citizens.

Fondation Hirondelle launched a CRM project in early 2018 to support the strategic vision of the organization and boost their social impact. 1 year later, Nicolas Boissez, Head of Communications, will look back to analyze the milestones and challenges of this exciting project, while sharing some dos and don'ts on project scoping, adoption and internal communications.
Nicolas Boissez Fondation Hirondelle
Nicolas, + 15 years experience in communication and programme management in Switzerland, Central and Western Africa, South-East Asia and France. Strong skills in fundraising and negotiation with local governments, public and private international donors and civil society organisations. 

Myriane Billard, SRM Data Manager at DNDi, Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative, presenting us how to "Boost digitization and measure your impact through the implementation of Salesforce".
For non-profit organizations, measuring impact and monitoring KPIs is often challenging. What to measure? How to measure it? DNDi launched a CRM project a few years back to centralize and gain visibility on operations, including fundraising, recruitment and project management. What are the results and how can the organization’s impact be measured? Enjoy some food for thought!

Myriane has strong background in the pharmaceutical area and business law, working mainly for Pharma companies in R&D with international exposure (Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa). Today, she is managing a global SRM/CRM project in collaboration with 80+ users spread in 6 countries and 12 departments.

David Derrier, Regional Manager Geneva & Certified Salesforce Consultant at Nexell. Talking about "Measuring the impact of a non-profit - a Pandora’s box?"
Non-profits are now facing an intense, global competition and they need to stand out of the crowd. One of the key challenges for them is to measure and prove their social impact. What does it really mean? What KPIs could be used? How technology could help keep the focus?
David Derrier Nexell
David is Head of French-speaking Switzerland at Nexell and, a specialist in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Due to his wide commercial and technical experiences, David has accompanied & supported many multinationals, SMEs, startups, NGOs and Foundations in their CRM projects over the last years.

The Nexell team looks forward to some great discussions & to welcome you at our event!


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