Spieler geben sich die Hand nach dem Beach Volleyball Match - Salesforce Erfolgsgeschichten mit Nexell

Success Stories

Ihr Erfolg ist unser Erfolg!

Wir sind überzeugt davon, dass der Erfolg unserer Kunden unser Erfolg ist, und fühlen uns geehrt, dass viele Kunden schon lange ihre Erfolge mit uns teilen.
Kommen Sie und begleiten Sie mit uns einige unserer Kunden auf ihrem Weg der Transformation.

Die Sicherheit und Privatsphäre unserer Kunden steht für uns an oberster Stelle. Für alle hier aufgeführten Referenzen haben wir selbstverständlich das Einverständnis eingeholt. Wenn Sie weitere Informationen oder Informationen zu weiteren Referenzen erhalten wollen, kontaktieren Sie uns.

We enjoyed using your NexellAngels services and are still thankful to be able to contact you for small questions or emergencies!

Impact startup supporters feeling the impact of Nexell & Salesforce

Büro 70 & Nexell - Great minds think alike.

Nexell has CRM in its DNA: the natural partner to support Nanolive scientists who are used to cellular level knowledge.
It's like receiving personalized medicine - Nexell & Salesforce enhancing CRM activities with personalized care!
Helping Fondation Hirondelle to empower lives in transition, conflict and crisis.
Like copper cables to fiber optics - Nexell have accelerated our CRM performance and increased our sales productivity with Salesforce.
DPD is all about closer connections and delivering solutions that matter. Nexell and Salesforce have been the perfect partners for our project because they live by the same motto.
Trust is vital in our business, and with nothing but good experiences with Nexell they were the clear partner for us to return to and accompany us through our Salesforce project.
Why Nexell? Because they were never afraid of difficult questions and we knew we could trust them to mentor us to the same standard that we mentor our own clients.
Nexell were like the perfect partner. They developed extra tools for our business, they guided us, they showed us the way when needed and they let us learn whenever possible. Thanks to that, Salesforce is now an asset for our company
With the support of Nexell & Salesforce ZVB is driving to a whole new world of customer service.
Wine Making par Excellence - thanks to the Excellence of Nexell and Salesforce!
Nexell’s broad international and technical expertise fit perfectly with Brugg Lifting to elevate our sales process to a whole new level.
Salesforce is like Mibelle's anti-wrinkle cream, a smooth, reliable, high-performance premium application!
Nexell’s tailored our solution to manage our process efficiently and in real-time, for our client's and prospect's needs.

Nexell recognized the need to get users enthusiastic about the change across all levels of the business.

Nexell has turned Salesforce.com into a must-have, centralized platform for the management of all our organization’s data.
With Nexell's guidance, the BSCC's member, event management and internet presence was streamlined, allowing us to better focus on strategic projects.
Nexell has helped us achieve a better understanding of our complex network.
Nexell’s Valuable Contribution to new Treatments against Neglected Diseases
We could always count on the Nexell team, their valuable advice and hands-on implementation.
ipt found in Nexell a very professional and responsive partner.
Nexell understood our needs and was always ready to go the extra mile.
Happy shopping with the help of Nexell and Salesforce!
Thanks to Nexell, we are able to serve our Golden-Agers more efficiently !