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Before LOVE turns to HATE - Supporting

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UBA has just started their "Violence against the elderly" prevention campaign. 

We all grow older and hope to become Golden-Agers at some point in the future. But don’t we all want to be treated in a respectful and caring way when we are old and when we need to depend on help from others?

UBA, the Unabhängige Beschwerdestelle für das Alter, is a long-term Nexell customer, working with Salesforce for complaints management and efficient information processing. Complaints management, related to society's Golden Agers, is a complex matter, requiring a high degree of kindness, confidentiality and responsibility in our society and includes multiple target groups and stakeholders. With the right support and the right technology in place, UBA is able to focus on its mission and pursue its goals.

Click here for the UBA & Nexell Success Story!

Everybody wants to have a self-determined, worthy life in their golden age. But in reality, things are different.

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The development of technology, also in the CRM space, is relentless and an unstoppable machine.

As the oldest certified partner in Europe, we have taken part in this journey for the last 15 years. Salesforce being the leader in Cloud and CRM solutions, has recently announced the introduction of AI onto their platforms. Einstein, salesforce's AI solution, is touted to be a "game changer" that will transform the way we work.

But are customers ready for this change ? Are the people (CRM users) and organizations ready for the touted impact ?

The constant evolution in technology is today, a given. The challenge we see our customers facing in their daily business, on the one hand, is keeping their organizations on top of these endless changes and not fall behind. On the other, most customers we work with, worldwide, large & small, have more fundamental challenges, such as having clean data, defining common processes, user adoption, or even in some cases defining their "rules of the game" and agreeing on what is a Lead, Account & Contact. 

It never ceases to amaze, how many discussions we have, to define what is a Lead, when is it a Lead and when is it no longer a Lead. Or even, in some cases, what is a customer ? You would think this is obvious, but often it is not.

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NEXELL’s 2016 Christmas Event - at the FARO Foundation in Windisch.

This year Nexell is proud to hold its Christmas event at LA CANTINA, a new local restaurant of the FARO Foundation in Windisch.
With some light activity AND redefining the meaning of CRM - the field of “Chocolate Relationship Management”, all participants enjoyed not only an inspiring praline workshop with some hands-on experience, but an overall fantastic evening with great food, excellent service and hospitality. To top off the evening, Mr. Dani Hohler, the president of the FARO Foundation, provided us with a round tour through the FARO premises where we gained detailed insights into the world of FARO and their valuable work.

Thanks to the whole FARO team for a fantastic & tasty evening throughout!
Nexell and our NexellAngels are proud to support FARO’s work and mission with our event and looks forward to some more joint future projects.

The FARO Foundation was founded in April 2013 with the purpose of accompanying adults with cognitive or psychological impairments. With their mission and agogical course, FARO supports the development of independence and self-determination while respecting their resources and skills. FARO creates an environment and room for individual development and at the same time offers the physical structure in a way where both activities within the community and retreat and privacy are ensured.

FARO offers protected jobs to people with a cognitive or mental impairment to ensure a regulated daily structure with different requirements. By providing appropriate professional support, the existing working ability of these people is to be maintained or, if required further developed. As FARO has the chance to offer various protected jobs in their organization or with one of their partners - from creative jobs in their studio up to demanding work in one of their workshops or in one of their cafeterias - decisive factors as the people’s skills and interests as well as their desire for development can be considered. 

More information about the FARO Foundation:

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