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As the first certified partner in Europe, we have seen and experienced a lot in our last 15 years.
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NexellAngels sponsors Swiss Fox Hockey at the 2016 International Hockey Tours tournament in Quebec Canada.

NexellAngels is proud to announce its support and sponsorship of the Geneva based Fox Hockey Team and their participation in the 2016 International Hockey Tours tournament in Quebec Canada. Between Feb 13-22 next year, they will be representing "Team Switzerland", joining 100 teams from around the world for this global tournament. Apart from the expected tough matches, we expect the team to enjoy some favorite, local activities like snowshoeing, dogsled rides, and the world famous Quebec winter carnival. Of course don't forget the favorite local delicacies like Poutine ! Keep your eyes open for the new Nexell hockey jerseys. You can also help support the kids' travel costs etc, by donating directly on their website.  Stay tuned for much more, as we get closer....... Of course, it goes without say, the whole thing is being managed with Salesforce Foundation​ and Nexell services.

Nexell in the news - La protection des données Suisses à l’heure du cloud

Nexell. Un nombre croissant d’entreprises y a recours. Ce qui n’empêche pas un niveau de protection élevé. Comment sécuriser mes données? Qui y a accès? Où sont-elles stockées? Autant de questions que se posent de nombreuses entreprises qui font appel à des prestataires informatiques externes. Des questions qui ont aussi été soulevées lors du salon informatique eCom-SITB-SME à Genève la semaine dernière (L’Agefi du 28 et du 30 avril). Suite.....

Welcome to Nexell Geneva - Bienvenue chez Nexell Genève

Nexell, the leading, Swiss based Cloud Alliance Partner, is proud to announce this week the opening of our 6th office, in Geneva. Our new home in Geneva will support the continuous growth and success the Nexell team has experienced in the region and allow us to better serve our existing and future clients. It's central location, close to all public transport, in the heart of Geneva city and near its old town is an ideal location for our customers & partner for meetings, trainings and of course for a visit. We welcome you to Nexell Geneva, at Rue de Lausanne 72, 1202 Geneva. Nexell, le premier partenaire Cloud Alliance de, basée en Suisse, est fier d'annoncer cette semaine l'ouverture de notre 6'ième bureau, à Genève. Nos nouveau locaux à Genève soutiendra la croissance et le succès que Nexell a connu dans la région et nous permettra de mieux servir...
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FBI, NSA & PRISM vs Data Security & Privacy. But what about my CRM data ? DRO is the answer. None of us have escaped the recent news and leaked information about FBI, NSA and PRISM surveillance and said requests for implied access to our data from internet service companies, and cloud-based business solution providers.  Recent articles by CNET (English) and Spiegel Online (German), also bring into question the effectiveness of SSL encryption, used by most cloud service providers to secure their sites. This refers to the HTTPS in your website address as well as the little lock symbol which appears in your browser. SSL is a security technology used to establish a secured and encrypted link between you and your computer's browser, and the web site / server which you are trying to access. Once your data is received on the other end (like your credit card number), it is decrypted with the necessary "Keys" into usable data. The access to these "Keys" is...
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Implement State and Country Picklists in Salesforce

Who knows how to Implement State and Country Picklists ? The process of transitioning from text-based state and country fields to state and country picklists involves 3 steps: 1-Configure the state and country picklists in the Metadata API. This step is optional but recommended. For more information, read about the AddressSettings component in the Metadata API Developer's Guide. 2-Scan your organization’s data and customizations to see how they’ll be affected by the switch. You probably need to convert data and update such customizations as list views, reports, and dashboards so they continue to work with the new data type. 3-Convert existing data. The conversion process lets you map the various values in your organization to standard picklist values. For example, U.S., USA, and United States all map to US. Optionally, rescan and fix customizations that might still need updating so that they work with the new picklists. With thanks to...
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Nexell GmbH, based in Switzerland & Germany is your and, Pardot and Fonteva partner.

Founded in 2002, we help our customers and non-profit organizations in the field of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Our services, technologies and strategies culminates from years of experience with large and small firms, resulting in a set of best practices which are applied to all our projects, big and small, locally and internationally.

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