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As the first certified partner in Europe, we have seen and experienced a lot in our last 15 years.
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(English version below) Nexell GmbH informiert über die Verfügbarkeit von 's DRO (Data Residency Option) in der Schweiz. Die Salesforce „DRO-Option“ erlaubt nun Kunden im Zusammenhang mit Cloud Computing-Lösungen ihre Daten lokal und in der Schweiz zu hosten, wenn solche Anforderungen von Wirtschaft, Politik, Geschäftspolitik, Gesetzgebung, Wettbewerb oder der Governance in Bezug auf den Schutz und die Speicherung der Daten bestehen., der weltweit führende Anbieter von CRM-und Cloud-Computing-Plattformen, hat bei der Vorbereitung auf die DRO Einführung selektierte Partner weltweit ausgewählt und geschult und als DRO-Service-Provider zertifiziert. Nexell ist ein zertifizierter Partner seit über 10 Jahren und ist führend auf dem Schweizer Markt in diesem Bereich. Nexell wurde zusammen mit den ausgewählten Partnern vom Headquarter in San Francisco, USA zertifiziert und ist somit in der Lage DRO-Lösungen an Kunden in der Schweiz, Europa, sowie weltweit zu liefern. Nexell hat anfangs Jahr über ihre strategische und exklusive...
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Press Release: Nexell - Novatrend Partnership

(English below) Nexell GmbH  ( ) , ein führender Anbieter von CRM ( – und Cloud Computing – Lösungen in der Schweiz und Deutschland, informiert über die neu eingegangene Partnerschaft mit Novatrend Services GmbH  ( ) , einem Schweizer Anbieter von Enterprise Hosting und Data -Rechenzentrum  Lösungen   . Auf der Basis dieser Partnerschaft wollen die beiden Unternehmen expandieren und weitere Produkte und Dienstleistungen auf „Cloud-Computing“ Platformen anbieten. Existierende und neue Kunden können ab sofort von den Angeboten neuer Produkte und Dienstleistungen profitieren, inklusive dem stark verbesserten Service Level „24/7 – Support“. Beide Unternehmen  haben eine gemeinsame Präsenz auf der kommenden topsoft CRM / ERP-Messe in Zürich, 9. & 10. Mai, 2012. ( ).   Nexell GmbH ( ), a leading supplier of CRM, and Cloud Computing solutions in Switzerland and Germany announces new partnership with Novatrend Services GmbH ( ), a Swiss based Enterprise hosting and architecture company,...
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Get ready for's Spring 12 release. Your single source for all needed infos.

Salesforce has started releasing some official information on the upcoming Spring 12 release. Once again there will be 100's of new features & functions in all products areas. Also, some long awaited features will finally be available including: Cross object workflows Exception reporting as well as other reporting improvements IM for Chatter Extended functionality on Social Contacts to Leads, & Accounts as well as other services like YouTube etc. Updated Service Cloud console Live agent and MUCH more. Here are some reference video links. Spring 12 Overview video Spring 12 Sales Cloud video Spring 12 Service Cloud video Spring 12 video Spring 12 video Spring 12 Chatter video Want to know when your instance will be updated ? Keep an eye on the link below and / or subscribe to your instances RSS feed. Here's some additional links to get you started: Release preview Release Notes Developer information...
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Lessons learned early - Privacy & Security

It seems the lessons of internet security and privacy cannot be learned early enough in life and it is never too early for parents to start teaching their kids about it either, it seems. Getting the kids their first mobile, tablet etc for Christmas ? Well it's time to discuss the risks of internet, their identity and their privacy. Case in point (true story). Two kids (7 & 9) have been using computers for a few years now and are completely hooked on the site . It is a great cloud-based application, where kids build their own characters, put on a show & make their own movies and earn points based on popularity, number of views etc. You get the idea. With these points, they can buy more accessories, clothes etc to make their characters even better. Of course these two trusting kids tell their friends how great this...
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Kindle Fire 1st experience

So I received the new Kindle Fire (color version of Kindle) yesterday, personal delivery from a friend, as Amazon doesn't deliver outside the USA yet. The intention is to have the device setup for all Nexell users, with a single account, which can be shared so that all technical manuals we need can be purchased and used on the device as well as any other device (iPhone, Android etc), with the Kindle App installed. First impression of the device is great, look & feel, setup etc, but if you expect an iPad or iPad killer you'll be disappointed. WLAN built in, but no GSM, and as it is a US only device, don't try to download any free Apps as you will get the message "blablabla  geographical restrictions blablabla", DRM kicks in. Angry birds anyone ? Forget it, cannot install it, even though it says it is "compatible" with my...
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Nexell GmbH, based in Switzerland & Germany is your and, Pardot and Fonteva partner.

Founded in 2002, we help our customers and non-profit organizations in the field of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Our services, technologies and strategies culminates from years of experience with large and small firms, resulting in a set of best practices which are applied to all our projects, big and small, locally and internationally.

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