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The Digitalization of the FinServ Sales and Marketing Process

HOW FINANCIAL SERVICES FIRMS CAN DIGITIZE THEIR SALES AND MARKETING PROCESSES USING CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES LIKE SALESFORCE WHILE STAYING COMPLIANT WITH GDPR The financial services sector is in full digital transformation and catching up with some of the more dynamic industries. A set of macro-economic and demographic influences makes change inevitable. Consumer trends like eCommerce, more stringent regulations such as GDPR, and the growing globalisation are changing the way clients act – and impacting the way financial services firms need to be run.  SalesWings, a lead intent profiling solution for financial services companies running on Salesforce , spoke with Cloud and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) expert David Derrier from European Salesforce consulting firm Nexell about how financial services companies can go about change. SalesWings : David, at Nexell you are helping financial services firms digitize various aspects of their sales process with the platform. What is the current state of the industry in...
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Lead prioritization: the secret sauce to spending more time on revenue-generating tasks.

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Content provided by guest author Philip Schweizer, CEO Saleswings . 68% . That’s the incredible share of time that your sales team likely spends on tasks which do not have a direct impact on your revenues, Salesforce claims in its third “ State of Sales” report . What happened to ABC - Always-Be-Closing? That’s what sales people are meant to do. There are many reasons why sales people spend their time away from the phone. Let’s have a closer look. Top causes for inefficient sales teams Professional call centers who are dialing out to sell various services or products have optimized their processes to make their sales reps efficient. While some just call contact lists from top to bottom (not very smart), others use advanced, so-called “predictive dialers” for CRM to connect the call center agent after 5 to 10 second intervals with the next call. None of these...
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Data integration: Where do I start ?

Data integration project: I am not a Techie, where do I start ? Whatever the size or industry, most organizations work with several tools, be it CRM, ERP, mass mailing tool, email client and so on. Striving for efficiency requires that these system are interconnected and give a 360 view on the organization’s data. Let’s take an example: you are managing a Sales Team who uses a CRM on a daily basis and they need visibility on Invoicing Data – stored in an ERP – in order to stay up-to-date with client’s status and be relevant when talking to them. Unfortunately, you cannot give ERP access to the Sales Team for several reasons: Giving licenses to the Sales Team would be costly Using an additional system will be an administrative burden for them Onboarding new users on the ERP would imply security & access challenges You cannot ask the Finance...
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From Managing Donations to Managing Stakeholders

From Managing Donations to Managing Stakeholders
Author: David Derrier, Regional Manager, Nexell GmbH Some pessimistic studies say that small nonprofits will all disappear in the next 10 years, as they will no longer be able to face competition from international organizations. But is it only a matter of size? Is the NGO world at the beginning of a revolution? Context The number of non-profit organizations worldwide is estimated to be around 10 million, and we can say that most of them can be reached via their websites. This means that, as an NPO, for every dollar you try to collect, you are now facing a global competition where donors have to choose between many players within a saturated “market”.   Consequently, donors have to choose between local organizations and global organizations. Although causes can be very different from one organization to another (religious, education, water supply, etc.) it is very hard to say which one is...
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GDPR / DSGVO / RGPD - Irrespective of language preference, are you prepared?

GDPR / DSGVO / RGPD - Irrespective of language preference, are you prepared?
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) takes effect on May 25, 2018. It is a new comprehensive data protection law in the EU which replaces the patchwork of national data protection laws currently in place in each EU member state, with a single set of directly enforceable rules throughout the EU. With the GDPR, the concept of “personal data” is very broad and covers any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual. It regulates the “processing,” of personal data about EU individuals, which includes the collection, storage, and transfer or use. Regardless of whether an organization has a physical presence in the EU or not, any organization that processes personal data of EU individuals, including tracking their online activities, is within the scope of the law. To be noted, the GDPR does not require EU personal data to stay in the EU, nor does it place any new restrictions on transfers of...
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