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Nexell Accelerator (Nexellerator) Solutions are a series of tools and solutions designed and applicable for a variety of industries and businesses, big & small, to help them get a quick CRM start, boost, grow or extend their business, fully built on the leading platform.

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Our services, technologies and strategies, based on 15+ years of experience & collaboration with both small and large organizations, have allowed us to create a set of unique solutions, best practices and methodologies in the field of relationship management, which we apply to all projects, large and small, locally and internationally.

All packages bear the "swiss made software" quality label.

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The packages are fully secured with's platform, encryption features, as well as local Data Residency Options (DRO), and are fully prepared for local and European, GDPR and Swiss data privacy regulations.

Availability and Pricing:

The Nexellerator packages are designed for, and using's latest Lightning UI technologies. They are available exclusively from Nexell and are provided in an "unmanaged" (unlocked) form, with full access to source code to allow detailed, customer specific customizations, without the need for "one of" work-arounds.

They are provided to our clients for a low cost, one time fee, without any recurring monthly, yearly license or maintenance fees.

The Nexellerator advantage:
  • Built and developed by Nexell in Switzerland.
  • Experience-based & Peer-reviewed by Swiss industry experts.
  • Built on top of the world's leading CRM & Cloud platform,
  • All modules & functions are available individually or as a package.
  • Provided as a License free, unlocked package, allowing for full customization and source access, with the IP (Intellectual Property) belonging to the end customer.
  • Fully secured, encrypted, with local data storage options.
  • Ready for GDPR and local data privacy laws.

Contact us for a discussion and a demo.

Nexellerator for Startups

Nexellerator for Startups is a CRM Booster Kit for high-potential companiers, who need a premium CRM solution, up and running in less than a month, and for an affordable, predictable price.
  • You want to identify and manage leads more efficiently?
  • You want to focus on Sales rather than on admin tasks?
  • You have sensitive data that you need to secure and protect?
  • You want to maximize growth and profitability, from the start?
  • You want to increase the company value and potential?
  • You want to be able to provide reliable, real time metrics?
  • You want to be able to track progress and success without extensive and time-consuming analysis?
  • You want to pitch investors and raise funds more easily?
If you've answered most of these questions with a ´YES´, then it is time to contact us.

Nexellerator for Startups will give you the opportunity to:
  • Centralize data on your ecosystem (clients, partners, stakeholders).
  • Track daily interactions and plan follow-up tasks.
  • Structure and streamline your Sales process.
  • Get optimal visibility on your pipeline and forecasts.
  • Manage Marketing activities and campaigns ROI.
  • Monitor Operations with visual reports and dashboards.
Why Nexell & Salesforce?
  • Benefit from #1 cloud solution accessible from desktop or mobile device.
  • Receive support from a local, certified partner. (Founded in 2002).
  • Ensure maximum flexibility and scalability for the future of your company.
  • Get a customized CRM system up and running in less than 1 month.
  • Take advantage of an onsite, personalized hands-on training session.
What does Nexellerator for Startups contain:
  • Configuration will be based on's Lightning Professional Edition and will include the following objects: Leads, Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities as specified.
  • Nexell will make recommendations regarding the type of license required (PE or EE licenses).
  • 1 month of free Salesforce licenses as a 30 days trial.
  • Salesforce licenses not included, implementation to be started on the trial platform.
  • The implementation will be completed within 30 days following the first meeting with the client.
  • Max.10 custom fields per object will be created.
  • 4 custom reports and 1 dashboards will be created.
Optional extras:
  • Add-on Marketing: Campaigns and mass-mailings with your favourite e-marketing tool (Mailchimp, Pardot, etc.).
  • Add-on Data Management: data migration, automation, integration and custom development.
Contact us to see how we can support your CRM and Startup project needs.

Nexellerator for FinTech & Financial Services Industry

With our experience in the field of relationship management, together with a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience in the Financial Services industry, Nexell has developed a series of "Accelerator" packages which give FinTech clients a kick-start to their projects.

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Be it applications for Private Banking, Wealth, Fund or Asset Managers, Private Equity or Family Offices, all applications are base on the leading cloud platform.

All packages have been developed by Nexell in Switzerland, for the Swiss Financial Services Industry, based on our extensive experiences gained over the years. They have been peer-reviewed by Swiss industry leaders & experts, supported by the Zurich based F10 FinTECH Incubator.

Nexellerator for Private Banking

As a Private Bank, providing banking, investment and other financial services for HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals), it is critical that all aspects of your personalized relationships are properly managed, up to date and accessible at any time and at a moments notice.

Nexellerator, provides the necessary features and functions for the management of individual, family and corporate wealth, in a compliant and transparent way.


As your services are structured and tailored to each individual client and their specific needs, and may vary from wealth management, tax advisory and even concierge services, you need a system that is flexible, adaptable and as unique as your services are.

Managing the assets and wealth of your clients, as well as their financial portfolios, taxes, investments, taxes, inheritance, together with full information on beneficiaries and insurance contracts, all in a central, logically structured system, provides for a modern platform for personalized services expected today.

As your business is unique, global as well as local, all Nexellerator modules can be custom combined to specifically suit your unique needs.

Nexellerator for Fund Managers

As a Fund Manager, implementing your funds investment strategy and managing your client's portfolio and trading activities, it is essential to have a clear and up to date view on the daily business and ensuring the client's interests are protected.


Nexellerator provides the needed tools to track your Funds, Fund Classes, Fund Families as well as Fund History, NAV etc.

In addition, maintaining and monitoring the client's investment positions and history are all centralized in the CRM system, with full audit and due diligence capabilities.

As your business is unique, global as well as local, all Nexellerator modules can be custom combined to specifically suit your unique needs.

Nexellerator for Asset Management

Managing, monitoring and maintaining your client's assets, be they financial, infrastructure, intellectual or enterprise, requires the best tools to ensure that all information is available to you when you need them.

Ensuring the assets are being consistently developed, operated, maintained, upgraded, and fnally disposed of in a proper way, implies having a continuously up to date picture of the asset, its value and its history.

Nexellerator solutions allow Asset Managers to document and track their customer's assets, their history, purchased value, present value, their sale etc, in a consistent, standardized and transparent manner.

The tracking of various asset types, for Individuals, Household or Corporations, including physical (real estate, vehicles etc), financial investments, cash, jewellery, metals and minerals, as well as alternative assets, are summarized per client portfolio.

Together with their financial accounts, credit cards, bank accounts, insurance policies etc, as well as authorized signatory and beneficiaries, Nexellerator provides a "single source of truth" for the management of your client's assets.

As your business is unique, global as well as local, all Nexellerator modules can be custom combined to specifically suit your unique needs.

Nexellerator for Family Offices

Family Offices, managing single or multi-family wealth, often over multiple generations, deal with a full range of often unique services to be provided, and ultimately managed.

From individual wealth to the management of the household, foundations, philanthropic causes, through to the whole palette of financial services, the task is complex and needs a centralized visibility of all relevant information, at any given point in time.


The tracking of individul and family or household investments, wealth, assets, as well as contracts, signatories, life events, beneficiaries and much more, is provided with the Nexellerator package for a managed view and full transparency of the present state of affairs, as well as their history.

As Family Offices often have unique services, custom designed to their clientelle, Nexellerator modules can be custom combined to specifically suit your unique needs.

Nexellerator FX Manager

The Foreign Exchange (FX) accelerator component is fully integrated with's multi-currency management tools, with a realtime connection to the European Central Bank, to monitor currency fluctuations. The component enhances's advanced & dated currency management, monitoring all system defined currencies versus the customer's default currency, for all financial transactions.


FX Manager includes:

  • Up to date currency exchange rates automatically fed from the ECB (European Central Bank)
  • Enhances's advanced dated currency management functionality.
  • All system defined currencies are compared live, to the system's default currency
  • Positive / Negative exchange rate indicators, versus the previous period
  • Link to the ECB's individual reference exchange rates
  • Auto-update of salesforce's dated exchange rates, with new daily rates (Admin only)

Nexellerator Relationship Manager

The Relationship Manager Accelerator component extends's CRM functionality and allows you to simply manage relationship to any person or entity in the system.

Full relationship (ex: Client - Advisor) and reverse relationship (ex: Advisor - Client) management functionality is available for true N:N mapping of your client's connections in a 3600 view of your data.


Relationship Manager includes:

  • Relationship mapping with a clear and user friendly interface
  • Client specific Auto-Reverse relationship definition, without the need for Admin setup
  • True N:N mapping of any person or client, business or individuals, in a single logical view
  • Direct navigation, with on the fly edit and extended Relationship Notes functionality.
  • Free selection of which fields & data are to be visible for each relationship

Nexellerator Relationship Tree

The Relationship Tree Accelerator component provides for a graphical, data centric hierarchical view of your relationship data.
Your Client and person data are presented in a horizontal or vertical view with dynamic focussing on the record of choice, providing a clear "picture" of your key business relationships and their influences.

RelaitonshipTree RelaitonshipTree2

Relationship Tree includes:
  • Vertical or horizontal component to view your relationships in an "on-page", hierarchical & graphical way
  • Focussed and data centric presentation of your data of choice
  • Direct navigation, with on the fly edit and extended Relationship Notes functionality.
  • Free selection of which fields & data are to be visible for each relationship

Nexellerator PhotoDrop

The PhotoDrop Accelerator component allows for simple drag and drop upload of photos for all pages.
Upload your client's picture, company logo or the picture of your client's assets.


PhotoDrop includes:
  • A simple way to drag and drop any photo onto your page layouts.
  • Used for person photos, company logos, photos of Client's assets etc.

Contact us to see how we can support your CRM and project needs.




Nexell GmbH, based in Switzerland & Germany is your and, Pardot and Fonteva partner.

Founded in 2002, we help our customers and non-profit organizations in the field of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Our services, technologies and strategies culminates from years of experience with large and small firms, resulting in a set of best practices which are applied to all our projects, big and small, locally and internationally.

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