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UBA Story (PDF)
The UBA Unabhängige Beschwerdestelle für das Alter - founded in 1997 in Zurich and grown over many cantons - is the contact center for senior citizens in case of need & conflicts. The Swiss Red Cross and UBA share society’s concern to help support vulnerable people, in particular the elderly and their families. "Thanks to Nexell, we are able to serve our Golden-Agers more efficiently!" For seniors who are often faced with a variety of insurmountable problems, be it in terms of finances, housing or home care, the UBA assists the aggrieved parties, their relatives as well as various specialists, doctors and authorities in an advisory capacity. UBA’s advisory services cover mediation, crisis intervention, preventing violence and conflict management. Hence, the UBA often plays a key role of a mediator if not an intermediate between the affected people and staff in the care teams in the nursing homes, doctors, ombudsmen or community services.
UBA’s employees are qualified professionals with long-time work experience in the region who volunteer for the valuable work at UBA. They are bound to professional discretion which means that every case and every query is treated as strictly confidential.

The UBA is financially supported communally and by cantons as well as by other supporting and participating institutions and associations as Red Cross, Curaviva, Spitex-Association, Pro Senectute and Alzheimer-Association as well as Seniors Associations, ecclesiastical institutions and private.

An aging Society makes New Technology vital

Originally, UBA developed their own database solution to manage all contacts, information about complaints and the data about different target groups and stakeholders. With the growing number and complexity of complaints, UBA’s staff was facing an immense administrative workload they needed to deal with.

Due to the situation of an increasingly aging society, also the number of help seeking seniors continuously increased. Nowadays, seniors can choose from a variety of solutions to be supported and cared for. Mostly, their families but also friends and acquaintances help them. More frequently, they make great demands of the Spitex’ or other free assistance offers. All these factors necessitated a modernization in UBA’s complaints management in order to efficiently manage the rising number of different cases that were annually reported to UBA.

As every single case needed to be registered and mapped in detail, with all contacts and institutions involved, they needed to ensure clear traceability and detectability. The UBA is not only bound to provide help to the person concerned, they also need to meet the expectations of their sponsors such as communes, cantons and support institutions. Statistics and reports which, in the past, used to be time consuming to manually prepare, are now available at the push of a button. The administrative workload to maintain the database and prepare statistics was enormous and potentially subject to error.

Transparency and Efficiency thanks to and Nexell

Today UBA’s complaint management is handled in Salesforce’s Service Cloud. Thanks to Nexell’s business and industry specific knowledge, Salesforce could be efficiently implemented as the new stakeholder management platform at UBA. The detailed collection and mapping of all processes and data in Salesforce within the UBA business unit, now allow them to manage and maintain complex and large data volumes everyday. With a few clicks UBA’s employees can generate statistics and reports, easily adaptable and quickly matching the needs of the different target groups. Today Salesforce allows for a complex and efficient, future-oriented complaint management system.

The support of helped UBA to enhance their valuable service they offer to the society.  

High degree of Acceptance due to Transparency and Efficiency

Today, this technological reversal at UBA supports a very efficient, complaints management focus and information processing (e.g. annual reports, PR, complaint analysis).

Quickly accessible dashboards, reports and statistics provide UBA with an effective communication facility to all parties, including communication to stakeholders and sponsors of the UBA as communes, cantons and the Confederation. These real-time statistics also lead to a politically higher acceptance of the UBA at national level.

Overall, this new technical dimension improved UBA’s reputation and raised awareness of the Swiss population for certain topics, with respect to UBA’s valuable work and service.

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