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Pascal Carpentier
Head of Information & Technology

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Founded in 2003 to address the needs of patients with the most neglected diseases, DNDi is a collaborative, patients’ needs-driven, not-for- profit drug R&D organization. DNDi’s vision is to improve the quality of life and the health of people suffering from neglected diseases by using an alternative model to develop drugs for these diseases, and by ensuring equitable access to new and field-relevant health tools. A variety of players collaborate to raise awareness of the need to research and develop drugs for those neglected diseases that fall outside the scope of market-driven research and development (R&D).

Neglected diseases can have extremely debilitating effects on individuals over very long periods and continue to cause significant morbidity and mortality in the developing world. DNDi is supporting and strengthening research capacity in endemic countries, where individuals are directly impacted by such diseases. Thanks to the common work with specially developed, regional research platforms, therapies become accessible and affordable as non-patented ‘public goods’. Contributions from public and private donors are vital for DNDi to continue their work, to finance entire projects or new treatments, to build or repair healthcare centres, and much more."With Nexell and its innovative approach toward service delivery, powered by the SEAM methodology, we have been able to successfully deliver a fit for purpose global CRM across the organisation, with complete control over scope, priority & costs."Rapid global growth demands structural & technological innovation
DNDi’s rapid global growth and the associated increasing number of public and private donors, business partners, project partners, institutions, actors etc. created the need for technology that could improve the administration of what is, besides its own staff, its most important capital asset - its large network and all its associated data and information. After a competitive process DNDi has selected Nexell to overcome their challenges of growth, adapt their business processes, and modernise this critical system.

A cost-effective, robust Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) program was required to consolidate and centralise large amounts of data so that it was available to all employees equally in up-to- date form, at all times, in all locations and on the basis of clear access rights. Nexell’s proposal, which included’s cloud-based platform, was convincing across the board, thanks to its experience working with non-profit organisations, its unique requirement and solution oriented business analyses using the SEAM methodology and its in-depth forward-looking expertise in process and data management approach.

Nexell’s knowhow and many years of experience in DNDi’s main areas of concern, Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM), with its constantly updated technical know-how, acquired over a period of many years, were a crucial prerequisite when evaluating the Salesforce products and add-on applications that were to be deployed at DNDi. Nexell also boasts many years of experience using the Business Opportunity Canvas method, a method that was devised by It is based on the SEAM (Systemic Enterprise Architecture Method) methodology developed by the laboratory for systematic modelling at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), one of the most prestigious institutes of technology in Europe. All the information is collected and prepared by carrying out various analyses such as SWOT analyses, cost estimates, action plans etc, in workshops involving groups of 4-5 of the most important stakeholders.

This project preparation produced a clear CRM roadmap - and a clear SRM roadmap for DNDi - and concluded with a presentation to management. This form of strategic consultancy was decisive for DNDi in order to create a solid basis for system integration because this approach helped DNDi estimate the scope of the project and, above all, fill in any gaps between their long term vision and the individual project stages through to its fulfilment. The individual milestones resulting from Nexell’s analyses resulted in an efficient, pragmatic approach that was applicable immediately and for months into the future.

Ideal Stakeholder Relationship Management one step at a time
The DNDi Communications Team initiated the kick-off of the SRM project in a revised Contact Management strategy. The primary task was to consistently segment and categorise a large amount of data and place it in a single system. It resulted in overall improved data quality. There was also emphasis on ensuring a smooth-running, consistent process through a new communications strategy to make communication with all stakeholders (both in-house and external) more efficient. One of the important steps taken, was the integration of Microsoft Exchange with Outlook, which simplified DNDi employees’ day-to- day business significantly. With one click, Salesforce information becomes visible in the Outlook application.

With the integration of the mass-mailing service MailChimp, DNDi’s communication and fundraising campaigns can now be managed in parallel, in different mailing campaigns. At the same time, this solution gives them the opportunity to analyse and adapt communications accordingly. Implementing the Single Sign-On (SSO) was a critical step in this phase. Individual user rights were defined and are now managed centrally, for all employees worldwide, for all the different tools and systems each single employee works with. With DNDi’s worldwide presence and receiving thousands of CVs each year, its recruiting process was not only labour intensive but also time consuming. The next logical step was the integration of a Recruiting Platform in Salesforce and into DNDi’s «Job Opportunities» website, which streamlined their hiring process.

Today, candidates apply for open positions directly online and after submitting their online application form, they appear as Candidates in Salesforce, attached to the respective position. This uniform application form looks the same for all vacancies, and all information given by a candidate automatically feeds back into Salesforce. At the same time, all uploaded application documents, such as CVs, cover letters, etc. are attached to the candidate’s profile. By customizing certain functionality and fields in Salesforce, contact management and candidate evaluation and communication was simplified. Notifications to candidates are automated, e.g. after submitting their application, they automatically receive a confirmation email.

As a non-profit organisation DNDi relies on contributions from private and public donors. With Salesforce they now have one comprehensive system for all teams worldwide, replacing two legacy systems (all donor related information is only located in Salesforce). They also decided to integrate their online donation form to make the fundraising team omnichannel.

A long journey towards ideal Stakeholder Relationship Management
A large quantity of data and information has been processed and structured and many processes have been simplified since the introduction of Salesforce, and this has promoted and strengthened collaboration with stakeholders of all types. The efficiency and productivity of every department have also improved, thanks to technological innovation, new ways of communicating and simplified processes.

The first milestones since the project launch have already been reached, but the strategic roadmap makes provision for many more improvements. “Stakeholder Relationship Management is a long journey” says Pascal Carpentier, Head of Information Systems and Technologies at DNDi. “this project main challenge is about orchestrating our own change management, it takes time to learn and craft a fit for purpose mission critical solution.” With Nexell at its side, Pascal Carpentier is confident that DNDi has chosen the right partner to accomplish the milestones that lie ahead. And Nexell is proud, through its engagement and commitment, to be able to make a valuable contribution towards DNDi - the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative.

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