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Fondation Hirondelle Nicolas Boissez Corinna Adler
Managing Director

Provided Services

  • Strategic CRM Consulting
  • Technical Design & Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Salesforce Configuration
  • Custom Development
  • Integrations
  • Data Services
  • Support & Administration

  • Salesforce NPSP
  • Nonprofit Cloud
  • FormTitan
  • SF1 Mobile Application
  • Chatter

More Information

The USZ Foundation promotes medical innovation at University Hospital Zurich (USZ) in Switzerland. Together with their donors they accelerate the deployment of new treatments that save lives and improve quality of life. Founded in March 2017, already by 2019, 45 projects were supported.

Recently financed projects include:
  • The b-box, a device that can analyse and classify the image quality of mammograms and evaluate breast density using a self-learning algorithm to provide results in minutes.
  • Research to develop new therapies to treat primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), a chronic inflammation of the bile ducts that leads to scarring and can cause sclerosis or liver cell cancer;
  • Funding a second 3D microscope which eliminates the need to slice tissue samples and provides far sharper images than usual, reducing the risk of overlooking pathological changes;
Most recently, the USZ Foundation has launched the USZ Corona Solidarity Fund. Donations to the project are funding urgent research and development around the coronavirus and intensive care medicine, hospital hygiene and immunology/virology.
"We're just so happy. 
NexellAngels tailored's Nonprofit Success Pack for us which helped us overcome our reporting, visualization and annual reporting challenges.  The implementation was fast and smooth and we can now fully focus on our productive activities.  Our CRM activities have been enhanced, and are fit for the future."

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