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The change management Russian roulette

Author: David Derrier - Nexell Operations Manager Change management & CRM: Why should you care?   Change management is quite often a misleading concept, as many organizations ignore the risks of not properly anticipating, managing, and monitoring the change. defines change management as the methods and manners by which a company describes and implements change within its internal and external processes. In the context of CRM implementations, we have seen over the years that many organizations expected things to happen by magic, both technically and organizationally. In small to mid-sized organizations, management often minimizes the role of change management and does not realize that project success can be highly compromised. What about you? Do you really want to play Russian roulette with your project? Even with the best technical solution and features, organizations can fail on projects and limit the operational impact. The main goal of a change management approach is...

Prevent And Manage Duplicates in Salesforce

Author: Francesco Scariolo - Nexell Senior Consultant. Why you should care about the unicity of your data After completing this read, you’ll be able to:Understand the impact of duplicated data in a systemUnderstand best practices for keeping the level of duplicates at the minimumGet more details at a dedicated Webinar that you can follow live on May 11th or watch its video recording later on on our Youtube channel.         All data can contain duplicates. In this article, we are going to focus on Account duplicates. The same concepts can be applied and contextualized to other objects as well, i.e., Contacts, Leads, Products, etc. Duplicate Accounts Lisa and Sam just faced it (watch the video again) Duplicate data is a nightmare for all users, including sales users, service users, super users, and admins, as well as you!As a comparison, data are the ingredients in your recipe, while the recipe itself is...

"Up or Downdate - Get control of your sandboxes"

Author: Steeve Seidel - Nexell Senior Consultant.I love playing with single-board computers, Raspberry, Arduino, ESP32. Reverse-engineering is complex and exciting. However, you need a lot of tries before you get anything to work. For example, as I started with my home-automation, I bought a domotic box. The beginning was nice and interesting but soon I could not do the scripts I wanted. I could not make a backup or restore anything if I had a problem, and if I did not have an internet connection, nothing worked (which was not really great for home automation). Then I started to install software on Raspberry (a small single-board computer). I spent a lot of time before it worked as I wanted it to. Then, when everything worked fine, I tried to follow the update process, updating the operating system and the software itself. The updates were fast and worked perfectly until one update broke...

Data Sharing: Calm River Or Troubled Water?

Author: David Derrier- Nexell Regional ManagerPlease click HERE to get access to the White Paper.

"To Lead or not to Lead" that is the question?

Author: Steeve Seidel - Nexell Senior Consultant. Once upon a time, long ago, I started one of my first Salesforce projects. One of the requirements was quite easy: “As a user, I want my customer to be able to register on my website for an event in Salesforce and to follow the response send back”. Yeah, you are probably thinking like I was at this time. So, I set up a campaign, Web2Lead, that generated a beautiful landing page. Yes, I was proud. The customer added the necessary contacts and leads in the campaign and sent the invitations by email with the request to register for the event on my landing page. Then the registrations came back and we followed the process very carefully. Everything was working as expected except for the fact that new leads were coming in and the status of the old ones did not change.  Of course,...

Nexell & Powercoders “Impacting lives by teaching how to code”

Powercoders & Nexell - Our joint efforts to help a good cause make a breakthrough

"Tick-Tock, time goes by, so slowly..."

Author: Steeve Seidel - Nexell Senior Consultant.I write this article with two friends in mind. The first one always needs estimations. The second one never wants to give any. The best part is that I am in the middle and I need to find a way to satisfy both. As you can probably guess, the subject of this text is estimations, and it may be controversial. The one way Why are estimations needed, and why are they also not (really) helpful? Let us try to answer this excellent question. When a customer would ask me, "How long do you need to create an automation that will copy the value from field A to field B every time the value changes?”, I would think about it for 2 minutes and then say, "Ok, creating a workflow rule, creating an action, testing in Production, this is easy. Probably less than 30 minutes." So,...

USZ Foundation & Nexell - together they master the multitude of demands of the economical and digital challenges of the year 2020

Looking back to a great year of close collaboration and partnerships with our customers and Salesforce in 2020, we are pleased to share USZ Foundation’s successful digital journey and their valuable contribution to care and prevention during the pandemic.USZ Foundation’s overall goal is to promote medical innovation at the University Hospital Zurich. Especially with their topical initiatives to support the community in Zürich, they set a great example in these trying times of Corona by providing support for doctors and nurses, pandemic related education and retraining of staff as well as for R&D work on the coronavirus.USZ Foundation has grown rapidly and quickly outgrew the tools they started out with. After running an internal project with an independent consultant to objectively look for improvements, it was essential that they implement a CRM solution to streamline processes, enable team collaboration and maximize the benefits available from existing data while they reduce manually-intense...

The advantages of using FormTitan as your document generation application

Author: Roxana Anderson one of our Nexell Consultant. Why is document generation key when using a CRM? Being able to engage with your prospects, clients, donors, employees is important for every company that wants to be successful. “Thank you” letters, invoices, contracts, newsletters, surveys are examples of the communication a company produces. It is important that these documents:   look professional and reflect your company’s branding   display the correct information   can be sent through various channels of communication (email, post services)   are created automatically These are some of the high level document generation requirements where Salesforce, as the CRM system and FormTitan, as the document generation application, have proven their proficiency and swiftness with our clients. Take a look at this amazing success story: “Swiss QR-Bill and payment slip, with salesforce and Formtitan - our client ZVB did it” Why choose FormTitan as your document generation application? FormTitan is...

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