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Reverse New Year Calendar for a Good Cause to start 2020

Nexell started the year 2020 with a great idea, the “Reverse New Year Calendar” campaign to support organizations who help people in need.

NexellAngels Initiative: Free Salesforce CRM Implementation for Swiss Nonprofit Organisations

Needless to say that the situation with COVID-19 is a game changer. As a Swiss nonprofit you are directly impacted and will likely be further affected in the next months if you are not ready and equipped to work remotely. We know how important technology is in this context, and we also know how hard it can be for small organizations to adapt and transform.

Specifications design: a pre sales activity. Really?

Why bother with specifications before kicking off the project?
We all agree on the fact that starting a project without any specification is not far away from suicide. On the one hand, consultants and system integrators often expect customers to produce and document these specifications, but on the other hand customers might not have time, skills or willingness to do that.

Women empowerment and social entrepreneurship thanks to exemplary partnership

Looking back to a great year of close collaboration and partnerships with our customers and Salesforce in 2019, we are pleased to share Vision Guatemala’s successful digital journey.

Salesforce veut aider les mamans à retrouver un emploi

Nexell est très heureux de participer à cette nouvelle initiative de Salesforce qui souhaite aider les jeunes mamans à retrouver un emploi et ce grace à des formations Trailhead et avec l'aide d'un mentor.

Congratulations to UPC Business (Switzerland) for their successful B2B digital journey!

Read in this interface edition (p. 86 ff) how UPC has successfully been changing through a continuous digital innovation and transformation process, revolutionizing their business.

Lightning switch: do’s and don’ts for a successful transition

As you all know, Salesforce released its revamped interface a few years ago to enter a new product era. Until now, admins could choose to activate it or not, but Salesforce is increasingly enforcing its adoption.

The Salesforce Dilemma: Declarative Vs Programmatic?


automation image 2

One of the main challenges for Salesforce professionals while implementing Salesforce is the choice of automation strategy and tactics.  Salesforce provides great automation tools for non-developer consultants (like myself) such as workflows, process and visual flows, but when not used carefully, these friendly and visually attractive assistants can become your worst nightmare.

CRM for Startups - Too early to be good?

Featuring and GENILEM

Switzerland is a very unique country from several points of view, be it geographical, political or linguistic. Despite its size, Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world (WIPO) and entrepreneurship is at the very heart of the economy.

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