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Women empowerment and social entrepreneurship thanks to exemplary partnership

Looking back to a great year of close collaboration and partnerships with our customers and Salesforce in 2019, we are pleased to share Vision Guatemala’s successful digital journey.

Vision Guatemala

Vision Guatemala sets a great example for the empowerment of women in the area of productive and social entrepreneurship in Guatemala, thanks to Nicola Roten who founded the organization in Switzerland in 2009. 

With the valuable services Vision Guatemala provides, they give women the opportunity to experience economic independence and help them increase their self-esteem and confidence.  Also the children of those women are included in the empowerment program as Vision Guatemala promotes a special alternative approach of education for them. 
Due to the absence of a functioning public health system in Guatemala as we know if from the industrialized countries, their most recent program offer is to create awareness within the society by educating and creating conscience about integral health and help understand that healthcare and well being are the highest values of an individual (more info:

With Nexell being the first Salesforce partner in Europe since 18 years and our extensive experience and deep understanding of the Non-Profit market in Switzerland, we immediately understood the need Vision Guatemala had in order to not only fulfill their important social mission but also to better enable them to make a greater impact.  We helped them transform their way of working with multiple tools and excel lists and empowered and guided them with our treasure trove of experience, to be the best they can be and, with a CRM system that simplifies their work and helps them become more efficient in their daily work.

The’s license donation program to qualified non-profits, is a huge benefit for small organizations like Vision Guatemala and very much appreciated.  With the great fit the Salesforce NPSP platform features combined with our NexellAngels work, we could adapt the solution specifically designed to their needs and priced for their unique requirements, in a short period of time. 

The first discussions with Vision Guatemala started in May 2019 and in September 2019 we were ready to hold a workshop to design and validate the CRM’s architecture according to Vision Guatemala’s internal processes.  In November 2019, further to the tailoring of the CRM, we conducted hands-on training to make them become familiar and go live with their new system.  To give Vision Guatemala a quick and confident start into the new digital world, close discussions as well as regular alignment were key during the entire onboarding process.

As a start, basic elements of the Salesforce NPSP package were implemented to manage accounts, contacts, relationships, affiliations and opportunities, complemented by some custom functionality. 
Further workshops, mostly remotely executed with the team in Guatemala, helped to define & implement new features and processes, i.e. for fundraising, and to help empower them with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain the system themselves.  The & Nexell support still plays an important role in this partnership. 

It is essential that Vision Guatemala feels comfortable with their new solution.  We accompany them on their digital journey to ensure that they have peace of mind while we make sure that the solution supports them with the most and best possible features and processes and grows with them and helps them build long-term relationships, reach and serve their stakeholders and connect with others who can help them make a long-term impact.

In addition to our guidance services and advice on Vision Guatemala’s digital transformation journey, we promoted and participated in their Global Fellow Event on the 26th September 2019, to help raise funds and create awareness for their organization and services.

A big thank you goes to our salesforce partner manager Vanessa Kammermann who made this connection between Vision Guatemala and Nexell.  We are extremely proud of our preferred salesforce partnership and the close collaborative approach and support it allowed us to bring to Vision Guatemala, modernizing and simplifying their business, so that they can concentrate on their future and social mission.

Get in touch with us to find out more (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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