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Working with Salesforce experts in a post COVID-19 context

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Interview with John Sas, Founder of Nexell GmbH, first Salesforce partner in Europe since 2002John, tell us a bit more about Nexell.Nexell is a boutique type of business specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) and partnering with Salesforce for almost 20 years. We are a multilingual team of 25 people, all based in Switzerland, and our mission is to help our clients, businesses or nonprofits, to work differently from the inside so that they can make a difference on the outside.How did COVID-19 directly impact your business?Project-wise, some implementations have slowed down, others have continued as usual, but we have not seen any project brutally stopped in the middle because of a severe business slow down, which is really good news for us and for our clients. In terms of sales and business development, some new projects have been postponed / cancelled, for sure, but others have been accelerated because of...

Our Top 3 Salesforce Summer ‘20 Release Features

Author: Patrick Ernst, Salesforce Consultant at Nexell GmbH

Salesforce is clearly the best CRM tool in the market when it comes to boosting Sales efficiency, taking Marketing  to the next level and making the most out of your customer data.  

Just this June Salesforce was named again the leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center with no other competitor being able to challenge its completeness of vision and execution abilities.

Nexell & Salesforce - together we make the difference

At Nexell, with everything we do we aim to make a difference. Even during these times of corona (COVID-19) we are still hiring.You are a woman, mother or business professional who wants to go back to work after several years off? You see the world’s digitalization moving forward? The world sometimes seems to spin faster and you feel like you lost track of knowhow? You don’t know where and how to step back into the business world? The Salesforce CH “Bring Woman Back To Work (BWBTW)” initiative is made for you. This initiative addresses women who are mothers and business professionals inspired by technology in the 21st century. As a Salesforce partner since 2002, Nexell helps drive the creation of new jobs in Switzerland and balance the diversity/equality ratio within the workforce by integrating and re-connecting women back to the business. With the motto We hire for attitude and train for skills! this initiative is especially...

Women empowerment and social entrepreneurship thanks to exemplary partnership

Looking back to a great year of close collaboration and partnerships with our customers and Salesforce in 2019, we are pleased to share Vision Guatemala’s successful digital journey.

Salesforce veut aider les mamans à retrouver un emploi

Nexell est très heureux de participer à cette nouvelle initiative de Salesforce qui souhaite aider les jeunes mamans à retrouver un emploi et ce grace à des formations Trailhead et avec l'aide d'un mentor.

The Salesforce Dilemma: Declarative Vs Programmatic?


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One of the main challenges for Salesforce professionals while implementing Salesforce is the choice of automation strategy and tactics.  Salesforce provides great automation tools for non-developer consultants (like myself) such as workflows, process and visual flows, but when not used carefully, these friendly and visually attractive assistants can become your worst nightmare.

CRM for Startups - Too early to be good?

Featuring and GENILEM

Switzerland is a very unique country from several points of view, be it geographical, political or linguistic. Despite its size, Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world (WIPO) and entrepreneurship is at the very heart of the economy.

Our clients'​ top 5 reasons for switching to Lightning


If you have been using for a few years now, you are probably still in the middle of the "Classic Vs. Lightning debate" and I am sure you have your own opinion. When discussing with customers from various industries (Finance, NGO, luxury, etc.), we see that those who switched to Lightning would never go back to Classic. Let's share a few things with you...

The Digitalization of the FinServ Sales and Marketing Process


The financial services sector is in full digital transformation and catching up with some of the more dynamic industries. A set of macro-economic and demographic influences makes change inevitable.