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Lead prioritization: the secret sauce to spending more time on revenue-generating tasks.

Content provided by guest author Philip Schweizer, CEO Saleswings.

. That’s the incredible share of time that your sales team likely spends on tasks which do not have a direct impact on your revenues, Salesforce claims in its third “State of Sales” report.

Data integration: Where do I start ?

Data integration project: I am not a Techie, where do I start ?

Whatever the size or industry, most organizations work with several tools, be it CRM, ERP, mass mailing tool, email client and so on. Striving for efficiency requires that these system are interconnected and give a 360 view on the organization’s data.

Asset Management: When tradition meets technology

Author: David Derrier, Regional Manager, Nexell GmbH



Although Financial Advisory is a traditional and well-established area, the Asset Management industry is entering a new era. Competition is growing worldwide and clients need a high level of confidence to entrust their money to someone. This is why Asset Managers need to work in a more professional and secure way to retain active clients and engage new ones. 

Forcing your teams to use a CRM. A mistake ?

Author: David Derrier, Regional Manager, Nexell GmbH Why are we in this situation in the first place?A CRM implementation often focusses on Return On Investment, and a tool that is not used correctly, or not used at all, won’t be satisfactory.Even if you have the best car in the world, you won’t go anywhere without a driver driving it. The same applies for CRM tools. As decision-makers or project managers, you want to ensure that users' onboarding is as good as possible, to get the most out of the solution, in terms of efficiency and profitability.Let’s be clear, we are not saying that a CRM system can survive on its own and that you should not worry when users are reluctant to use it. This reluctance is not the core of the problem, but only a consequence of one or more issues that you may face internally. And forcing reluctant users to use...

Nexell and at SMARC | SITB exhibition, Geneva

For the 4th consecutive year, Nexell and will have a joint presence at the coming SMARC exhibition in Geneva, on the 26-27th April, 2016, at the Palexpo.Once again, Nexell, a leading Certified Consulting partner in Switzerland, is a Gold sponsor of the event and will have one of the largest stands (# S01, Salon SMARC), and will be present with 4 demo stations where all of your questions and queries around topics and projects in the field of CRM,, for non-profit organizations, DRO Data Residency, the EPFL SEAM-methodology or Pardot, will be answered.As a longtime and valuable partner of Nexell, the EPFL, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, one of the most famous engineering schools in Europe, will be present at the stand as well, discussing SEAM, their unique project methodology, which has been adapted by Nexell to streamline & CRM project implementations.Entry to the exhibition is not free, but as a guest...

FBI, NSA & PRISM vs Data Security & Privacy. But what about my CRM data ? DRO is the answer.None of us have escaped the recent news and leaked information about FBI, NSA and PRISM surveillance and said requests for implied access to our data from internet service companies, and cloud-based business solution providers. Recent articles by CNET (English) and Spiegel Online (German), also bring into question the effectiveness of SSL encryption, used by most cloud service providers to secure their sites. This refers to the HTTPS in your website address as well as the little lock symbol which appears in your browser.SSL is a security technology used to establish a secured and encrypted link between you and your computer's browser, and the web site / server which you are trying to access. Once your data is received on the other end (like your credit card number), it is decrypted with the necessary "Keys" into usable data. The access to these "Keys" is exactly the point of...

Implement State and Country Picklists in Salesforce

Who knows how to Implement State and Country Picklists ?The process of transitioning from text-based state and country fields to state and country picklists involves 3 steps:1-Configure the state and country picklists in the Metadata API. This step is optional but recommended. For more information, read about the AddressSettings component in the Metadata API Developer's Guide.2-Scan your organization’s data and customizations to see how they’ll be affected by the switch. You probably need to convert data and update such customizations as list views, reports, and dashboards so they continue to work with the new data type.3-Convert existing data. The conversion process lets you map the various values in your organization to standard picklist values. For example, U.S., USA, and United States all map to US.Optionally, rescan and fix customizations that might still need updating so that they work with the new picklists.With thanks to our Geneva team for these tips. & VirtueMart Integration

  Nexell startet VirtueMart Integration mit VirtueMart, der Webshop / Warenkorb-Lösung für Joomla! CMS ist nun eine integrierte Lösung mit der führenden CRM-Plattform, auf der Nexell entwickelt Technologie, kann das  VirtueMart -Add-In auf Kunden-Bedürfnisse und Wünsche in einer modularen Form angepasst werden. Dank der Flexibilität der Lösung, kann diese einfach an verschiedene E-Commerce-Plattformen, wie Magento und andere angewendet werden. Der erste Kunde, welcher von dieser Lösung profitiert, ist einer der führenden Schweizer Online-Händler der feinsten und natürlichen Gewürz-Produkte,ür weitere Informationen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Nexell launches VirtueMart (VM) integration with, the webshop / shopping cart solution for Joomla! CMS is now an integrated solution with the leading CRM platform, on Nexell developed technology, the  VirtueMart add-in can be adapted to customers' needs and wishes in a modular form. Thanks to the flexibilty provided of the solution, it can easily be applied to various e-commerce platforms, such as Magento and others.The first customer to benefit from this solution is one of the leading Swiss online distributors of the finest and natural spice products, more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Get ready for's Spring 12 release. Your single source for all needed infos.

Salesforce has started releasing some official information on the upcoming Spring 12 release.Once again there will be 100's of new features & functions in all products areas. Also, some long awaited features will finally be available including:Cross object workflowsException reporting as well as other reporting improvementsIM for ChatterExtended functionality on Social Contacts to Leads, & Accounts as well as other services like YouTube etc.Updated Service Cloud consoleLive agentand MUCH more.Here are some reference video links.Spring 12 Overview videoSpring 12 Sales Cloud videoSpring 12 Service Cloud videoSpring 12 videoSpring 12 videoSpring 12 Chatter videoWant to know when your instance will be updated ? Keep an eye on the link below and / or subscribe to your instances RSS feed.'s some additional links to get you started:Release previewRelease NotesDeveloper informationAs usual, Nexell - Certified partner, will help guide existing & new customers through this release, provide updated information, and help prepare...