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NexellAngels in the right place at the right time - for good deeds during difficult times!

Interview with John Sas - Founder & Managing Partner, Nexell GmbH   John, tell us a bit about Nexell.Nexell is a boutique type of business specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) and partnering with Salesforce for almost 20 years. We are a multinational and multilingual team of 25 people, all based in Switzerland. Our mission is to help our customers to build better relationships through custom CRM solutions and our strategic expertise. We want them to be able to concentrate on their mission or efficiently work towards their business goals while we take care of their systems.What distinguishes you from your competitors?We are different in many ways. Have you heard about our NexellAngels? This initiative is a core part of our DNA. We help nonprofit organizations, NGOs, Higher Ed, and startups enhance their ability to achieve their social mission through improved efficiency. This means that we help them transform into connected...

Nexell & Powercoders “Impacting lives by teaching how to code”

Powercoders & Nexell - Our joint efforts to help a good cause make a breakthrough

USZ Foundation & Nexell - together they master the multitude of demands of the economical and digital challenges of the year 2020

Corinna Adler USZ Foundation Nexell Managing Digital Challenges in 2020
Looking back to a great year of close collaboration and partnerships with our customers and Salesforce in 2020, we are pleased to share USZ Foundation’s successful digital journey and their valuable contribution to care and prevention during the pandemic.USZ Foundation’s overall goal is to promote medical innovation at the University Hospital Zurich. Especially with their topical initiatives to support the community in Zürich, they set a great example in these trying times of Corona by providing support for doctors and nurses, pandemic related education and retraining of staff as well as for R&D work on the coronavirus.USZ Foundation has grown rapidly and quickly outgrew the tools they started out with. After running an internal project with an independent consultant to objectively look for improvements, it was essential that they implement a CRM solution to streamline processes, enable team collaboration and maximize the benefits available from existing data while they reduce manually-intense...

“How much “digital” is needed?”

LIVECAST How much digital is needed 20 May 2021

“How much “digital” is needed?”

Building sustainable business relationships by leveraging opportunities in a context of crisis - LIVECAST - NEW ON 20 May, 2021

John Sas - Member of the Salesforce Consulting Partner Advisory Board

  I am proud to join the Partner Advisory Board, as one of Salesforce’s leading European Consulting Partners. I’d like to share with you the focus and impact we would like to drive together. has become the leading provider of non-profit, education and philanthropy solutions worldwide. As a leading Swiss / European Consulting Partner, we work hand in hand with the salesforce teams on a daily basis, to ensure our clients get maximum benefit from their systems & investments. It is of course our customers who have graciously brought us to this point, but even as a global leader, we have to ask ourselves, “Can we do better ? Can we do more to help ?” Being part of this team, built by Salesforce community members globally, allows us to provide the needed feedback to Salesforce, at the highest levels, for product development, vision, strategy, services delivery, customer success...

Working with Salesforce experts in a post COVID-19 context

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Interview with John Sas, Founder of Nexell GmbH, first Salesforce partner in Europe since 2002John, tell us a bit more about Nexell.Nexell is a boutique type of business specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) and partnering with Salesforce for almost 20 years. We are a multilingual team of 25 people, all based in Switzerland, and our mission is to help our clients, businesses or nonprofits, to work differently from the inside so that they can make a difference on the outside.How did COVID-19 directly impact your business?Project-wise, some implementations have slowed down, others have continued as usual, but we have not seen any project brutally stopped in the middle because of a severe business slow down, which is really good news for us and for our clients. In terms of sales and business development, some new projects have been postponed / cancelled, for sure, but others have been accelerated because of...

NexellAngels zur Unterstützung von Körper & Geist!

Unsere NexellAngels fördern auch dieses Jahr wieder die Stiftung Special Olympics Schweiz und deren grossartige Initiative, Sport für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene mit Beeinträchtigung zu fördern. 

NexellAngels & Pro Juventute - Gemeinsamer Appell zum Schutz von Kindern und Jugendlichen während COVID-19

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Kinder und Jugendliche müssen Schutz finden können!  Zusammen sind wir stärker. Helfen Sie daher mit, und unterstützen Sie das Crowdfunding Projekt zum Schutz für Kinder und Jugendliche, eine grossartige Initiative unseres geschätzten Kunden Pro Juventute.  Mit dieser Kampagne sollen speziell in dieser turbulenten und verunsichernden Zeit der Quarantäne und Isolation während COVID-19 uneingeschränkt alle Kinder und Jugendliche umsorgt werden können - eine Zeit, die ein verstärktes Risiko, Angst und eine Bedrohung darstellt. ist für sie da.Die Bedürfnisse und Rechte von Kindern und Jugendlichen drohen in der aktuellen Corona-Krise weltweit sowie in der Schweiz in Vergessenheit zu geraten.Mit einem öffentlichen Appell fordert Pro Juventute den Bundesrat auf, bei allen Massnahmen im Zusammenhang mit dem Coronavirus den Schutz der Kinder und Jugendlichen zu berücksichtigen und die in der UN-Konvention verbrieften Kinderrechte zu garantieren. Hier geht's zum Appell - jede Unterschrift zählt! Für uns bedeutet Solidarität nicht nur zu spenden, um ein Projekt zu unterstützen sondern auch, die Botschaft zu verbreiten, um so viele...

Together we are stronger: COVID-19!

The more visibility and awareness we create, the more we can help - together we are stronger!Let's fight COVID-19 by lending our helping hands to our valued customer USZ Foundation whose overall goal is to promote medical innovation at the University Hospital Zurich. To support public welfare in these special times of COVID-19 we decided to promote the USZ Coronavirus Solidarity Fund through our network. Each donation  enables us to do even more. Together with you, the University Hospital Zurich tackles the coronavirus crises.  Solidarity for our NexellAngels is not only to co-fund important initiatives in these difficult days, but it is also to help spread the word and reach as many people as possible.Thank you for your contribution & supporting the community through your social media channels.Your NexellAngels team!

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