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The advantages of using FormTitan as your document generation application

Author: Roxana Anderson one of our Nexell Consultant.
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Why is document generation key when using a CRM?

Being able to engage with your prospects, clients, donors, employees is important for every company that wants to be successful. “Thank you” letters, invoices, contracts, newsletters, surveys are examples of the communication a company produces.

It is important that these documents:

  •   look professional and reflect your company’s branding

  •   display the correct information

  •   can be sent through various channels of communication (email, post services)

  •   are created automatically

These are some of the high level document generation requirements where Salesforce, as the CRM system and FormTitan, as the document generation application, have proven their proficiency and swiftness with our clients. Take a look at this amazing success story: “Swiss QR-Bill and payment slip, with salesforce and Formtitan - our client ZVB did it”

Why choose FormTitan as your document generation application?

FormTitan is a very powerful cloud based platform for Salesforce that enables users to create forms and to generate documents.

Our clients have reported a reduction of manual work and an increase of efficiency.

Here are some of the advantages of using FormTitan:

  •   Documents can be generated from the standard FormTitan button or entirely automatic using Flow and APEX Action. This feature allows us to build solutions for complex business scenarios.

  •   Templates can be created in Word using the FormTitan Word Add-in. It is possible to insert merge fields from any object in Salesforce, to format date and currency fields, to insert dynamic tables and sections, to define conditions, to insert interactive fields, signature and barcode.

  •   Documents can be generated as Word or Pdf and can be attached directly on the record in Salesforce or emailed.

  •   Document generation permissions can be managed in FormTitan.

FormTitan however offers much more functionality in addition to document generation:

  •       Create dynamic forms which can be embedded in your website. The forms can pull data from Salesforce and display it, as well as push data back to Salesforce and update/create records.

  •       Integrate online payments

  •       Create contracts and send them to be digitally signed

  •       Create community portals

Note: Some of these features availability could be restricted based on license type. Please contact FormTitan directly to discuss different license types.

If you want to find out more about how to create a document with FormTitan, here is a detailed step by step guide. 

We would be delighted to support you with your document generation.

Please contact us HERE.

Step by step guide to create a template using Form Titan Word Add-in

In this article we would like to show you the steps to create a Quote with FormTitan and Salesforce, using FormTitan Word Composer or Add-in.

FormTitan ( FT)  has tons of features and videos explaining each feature. If you would like to further explore document generation using FormTitan word add-in we suggest you watch these videos from FormTitan:

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