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“How much “digital” is needed?”

LiveCast broadcast how much digital is needed postponed new 21 January 2021

“How much “digital” is needed?”

Building sustainable business relationships by leveraging opportunities in a context of crisis - LIVECAST - NEW ON 21 January, 2021

2020 has definitely changed the rules for all businesses. Change Management is in full swing but some organizations are still hesitant to adapt to the “new normal”, hoping that the threat is soon over. But we have to face it: it is not. Instead, now it is the time for action.

In times of uncertainty it is sometimes difficult to keep a clear vision of what to do and to prioritize and one encounters the same questions again and again.

  • How to approach this “new normal”? 
  • How to build the right strategy?
  • Which tools are the right ones for us? There are so many available…, where to start?

Save the date & be there Virtually & Live - NEW on 21 January, 2021, at 17:00

We at Nexell, we live our belief of Sharing is Caring on this important journey: 

  • We offer you guidance and advice
  • We share with you best practices about the implementation and adoption of the “new normal” into our daily lives, and
  • How to take on these technologies and the unavoidable digital developments and challenges. 
  • Get the opportunity to benchmark with other companies to help you take the right steps moving forward. 

Indeed, there is no question that the economy forced organizations to adapt one day to the next. What we can also say is that in this special context the importance of Customer and Stakeholder Relationship Management took on a greater significance. 

Generally speaking digitalization has moved into the focus of today’s businesses even more. This is not a secret, you read it everywhere: Home office and remote work capabilities became the default way to keep the businesses running. Access to real-time information and customer data through updated and connected digital systems has to be guaranteed in order to work efficiently and be successful, for the long run. 

After exchanging experiences with many different partners and customers, all of them were/are dealing with the same issues facing the “new normal”, in their individual ways. And especially nowadays it is more important to help and learn from each other, according to our motto “Sharing is Caring”.

Of course, at Nexell we also had to adapt our way of working to this new unique situation, especially on the Sales & Marketing side, as doing physical meetings and events (which we love to do!) are no longer the best choice of close relationship management and networking.

We were asking ourselves what the best way is for us to engage with our network in order to address certain topics and give support. After all, we are very delighted to launch our first and unique LIVECAST broadcast, a virtual live discussion with great industry leaders and panelists who love to share their experiences and help with their experiences and advice. Definitely a must attend!! 

These are the main subjects we cover:

  • How are these organizations facing this “new normal”? How does it impact their business/work/team & how did they approach/address the crisis?
  • How are they facing these technologies and unavoidable digital developments and challenges? 
  • What changes/strategies did they implement to deal with this situation? 
  • And last but not least: their learnings - what went well and what could have worked better?

As we at Nexell put relationships at the center of CRM, the event participation is FREE of charge. Instead we hope for voluntary contribution to a great cause by as many people as possible - the CORONA Solidarity Fund of the USZ Foundation as a key and topical initiative in these trying times. 

A big thank you goes out to the Swedish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, our valued collaboration partner for this event.

We live not only in difficult but also exciting times. Let us experience them together and support each other. Let’s make a difference!

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