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Nexell & Powercoders “Impacting lives by teaching how to code”

Powercoders & Nexell - Our joint efforts to help a good cause make a breakthrough

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Another year and another example of together we are stronger! 

We are pleased to look back at another great year of close collaboration and partnerships with our customers and Salesforce in 2020. As a great example, we are delighted to share with you Powercoders’ successful digital journey and their valuable mission and impact.

“Impacting lives by teaching how to code”

The Powercoders initiative started in 2016 with the goal of giving independence back to people by addressing the shortage of talent in the IT industry. The group does this by offering free internships to teach mostly refugees how to code.

In three years of activity, the association has welcomed 118 students from 17 countries. Of them, 97% have obtained an internship in a company while 60% have obtained an apprenticeship or permanent position in the IT field.

Most of them are now working in Switzerland (Zurich, Bern, and Lausanne) and in Italy (Turin).

Being an association, the group is funded by peer-to-peer fundraising as well as grants from the canton and various private and corporate sponsors. Powercoders also rely heavily on volunteers to organize and deliver the training.

As Powercoders grew fast, they began looking for a solution that would help them be more efficient with data management; data was stored in different places and had to be more granular. The group also wanted a way to initiate mass email campaigns with a better CRM tool. 

The key aspects of Powercoders’ daily work are managing training applicants and volunteer trainers while maintaining an overview of projects, fundraising activities, sponsorships, and grants. 

2020 changed the rules for all businesses and organizations. This is one more reason for Powercoders to push their digitalization project forward. They were really taken by our unique initiative during the Covid-19 lockdown, in which our NexellAngels experts offered a free implementation of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. This solution, tailored by nonprofit user groups and, allows free access to 10 user licenses. 

Being a Salesforce-certified partner for almost 20 years, and as the first Salesforce partner in Europe, Nexell is an expert in the nonprofit sector. With our wide knowledge and deep understanding of nonprofit organizations, we were happy to support Powercoders and help them make a difference. 

Nexell was there for them every step of the way, which was especially appreciated in these unusual times. With our guidance and the smooth and fast implementation of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud solution designed to Powercoders’ special needs, we ensured better continuity of their activities with improved processes and workflows. At the same time, we tackled the pandemic with a remote implementation, which was crucial. The implementation lasted a few weeks, and they are now fully functional.

Our NexellAngels team was grateful to support Powercoders with a great system. When Nexell launched their brand-new website in July 2020, we took the opportunity to launch a fundraising campaign in their favor; we were pleased to donate CHF 10 for every "like" of our social media promotion posts, to support the great cause of our valued customer, Powercoders.

Do you know why we are different? Because we are always happy to make a difference - for every single customer and every single project. 

“Nexell was very responsive to our request, very present to help us with the implementation, overall a very positive experience.”

                                                            Priya Burci, CEO of Powercoders

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