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Swiss QR-Bill and payment slip, with salesforce and Formtitan - our client ZVB did it

Author: Julianne Teber, Salesforce Consultant at Nexell GmbH

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The time is here & the time is right. It’s perfect timing!

Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe (ZVB) who is already using Salesforce’s Service Cloud for Case Management, wanted to enhance their system with one more App called “Incidents”. They are one of the first companies and especially the first FormTitan client using the new Swiss QR-Bill which went live at the end of June. All based on and FormTitan of course. First invoicing round was done July 1st, 2020.

What is the App “Incidents” for? Why is it connected to QR-Billing? 

As ZVB is a public transportation company, they send out their personnel to check if passengers are using public transportation means in the canton of Zug legally - which basically means, did they buy a ticket and the right ticket? As you know, there are people who get caught when they did not purchase a ticket and those people are to be fined. This was decided by the Swiss Parliament many years ago and is a national standardization which is called ROGF “Reisen ohne gültigen Fahrschein”.
ZVB used to manage these business processes manually in a custom access Microsoft Access DB and several physical folders with a lot of paper - it was always a struggle. 

The standardization reached another level of technical advancement these days, with the introduction of E-ROGF, where new devices, (similar to smartphones) are used by the personnel and everything is automatically fed into an XML file at the end of the day.

ZVB wanted to get this XML File imported into Salesforce, have an overview and create fines using FormTitan (Note: Fines can be of different types, with complex variations. Contact us for more information)
The implementation took place in several steps, as they were already live with the “Incidents” app in December 2019 when there was no QR-Billing yet. We implemented standard Formtitan document templates. In a second phase, after ZVB’s users were trained, we implemented the QR-Bill. In the first phase, we migrated and improved ZVB’s business processes by at least 60%, where all was digitized, statuses of open fines were visible and trackable in 

In the second phase, as proudly stated by ZVB, the workload decreased again by another 30%. A total of 90% manual work reduction !!

ZVB’s “Incident” Salesforce users, mass generate QR-Billing letters based on “Fine types” with a single button push. They can also mass merge all those files using the list view filters and immediately print them. The whole job is done in 2 Minutes. The next step will be to implement the Banking payment files (CAMT) and consolidate those payments automatically to the open fines and check if they have been paid or not with the eventual reminder processes etc.

ZVB is extremely happy that Nexell, together with and FormTitan have almost eliminated all manual work in these areas, with the needed automation, assuring data quality and consistency.
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