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"To Lead or not to Lead" that is the question?

Author: Steeve Seidel - Nexell Senior Consultant.

landing Page Lead or not to lead

Once upon a time, long ago, I started one of my first Salesforce projects. One of the requirements was quite easy: “As a user, I want my customer to be able to register on my website for an event in Salesforce and to follow the response send back”.

Yeah, you are probably thinking like I was at this time. So, I set up a campaign, Web2Lead, that generated a beautiful landing page. Yes, I was proud. The customer added the necessary contacts and leads in the campaign and sent the invitations by email with the request to register for the event on my landing page. Then the registrations came back and we followed the process very carefully. Everything was working as expected except for the fact that new leads were coming in and the status of the old ones did not change. 

Of course, if you use Web2Lead, you create a lead for every registration. We decided to create a campaign for the registrations and one campaign for the invitations. It worked very well but at the end of the campaign, I received the question: How can I know whether or not my specific contact registered for my event? This is a good question. Of course, we could merge the lead with the contact, or both leads together, but how cumbersome is that?

I started searching ... Googling, day and night ... and I found it. I found one of the best add-on applications ever created for Salesforce: FormTitan <link>. It can do almost everything: document generation, payment gateway, forms, portals, etc. There are too many features to discuss here, so let’s focus on the FORMS.

Let’s review the initial requirement: “As a user, I want my customer to be able to register on my website for an event in Salesforce and to follow the response send back” (I will add: and to see in which events he participated).

Let’s start from the beginning.

I created a campaign and I created a landing page in FormTitan, like the one below, without using Web2Lead.

From now on, the magic can begin.

With FormTitan, you can display EVERY object and field from Salesforce inside your form and you can PUSH data to EVERY object and field back to Salesforce again. How cool is that? 

Once I created my landing page, I assigned every field from the landing page to a field in Salesforce, as well as defined some logic and then every person who was filling in the form or creating or updating data in Salesforce. 
In my example and the logic I defined, I first search to see if the email in the form already exists in the campaign. If it is, I will relate this submission to the contact OR lead that is already in the campaign. If it is not, I will check to see if this email already exists in Salesforce. If the email address already exists, I will add the contact (or lead) to my campaign as well. As you can see on the screenshot, I am also able to download the picklist values from Salesforce, as they are always synced before the form is entirely loaded.

Now the contact or lead is recognized and we can push data back to Salesforce.


First, we want to check on whether he is already a campaign member. If yes, we are going to update his status to “Registered”. If the contact is not in the campaign, we will add him and set the status to “Registered”. 

The same thing would happen with a lead, of course.

With FormTitan, we know exactly who is registered for our event, as they are added as campaign members if they were not in the campaign, or their status will be updated if they were already in the campaign.

If you are planning a lunch event, you could also ask if they are vegetarian and, in the same way, save this information in the contact so that you always know what your customer’s preferences are. 

As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

Try it yourself. FormTitan has a 7-day free trial. You can link your FormTitan account to your sandbox or your production org. 

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