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USZ Foundation & Nexell - together they master the multitude of demands of the economical and digital challenges of the year 2020

Article USZ Foundation Nexell Managing Digital Challenges 2020

Looking back to a great year of close collaboration and partnerships with our customers and Salesforce in 2020, we are pleased to share USZ Foundation’s successful digital journey and their valuable contribution to care and prevention during the pandemic.

USZ Foundation’s overall goal is to promote medical innovation at the University Hospital Zurich. Especially with their topical initiatives to support the community in Zürich, they set a great example in these trying times of Corona by providing support for doctors and nurses, pandemic related education and retraining of staff as well as for R&D work on the coronavirus.

USZ Foundation has grown rapidly and quickly outgrew the tools they started out with. After running an internal project with an independent consultant to objectively look for improvements, it was essential that they implement a CRM solution to streamline processes, enable team collaboration and maximize the benefits available from existing data while they reduce manually-intense work.

Because of Nexell’s expertise in Swiss not-for-profit organizations, we were recommended by the consultant and the decision for Salesforce as the new CRM tool was definite.
Being the first Salesforce partner in Europe, for almost 20 years, and our extensive experience and deep understanding of the Non-Profit market in Switzerland, we immediately understood USZ Foundation's needs.

The purpose was to give a structure to their projects (which are created to align donations to research projects), to provide proper and simple reporting and to leverage knowledge about donations. Additionally, compliance with University Hospital Zurich’s understandably stringent IT regulations had to be maintained.


Corinna Adler USZ Foundation Nexell Managing Digital Challenges in 2020
In the last months, money from their Coronavirus Solidarity Fund could, in agreement with the University Hospital Zürich management, be distributed quickly and unbureaucratically to where the need was most urgent and where it can help to save lives.

To support this great cause, we were lending a helping hand to the USZ Foundation in these special times of COVID-19 and promoted the Coronavirus Solidarity Fund through our network with an explicit mailing campaign and a special blog post Together we are stronger: COVID-19! which we spread out on all marketing channels.

At our next event, we’re pleased to have USZ Foundation as one of our speakers at our first & unique LiveCast broadcast, a virtual live discussion with great industry leaders and panelists, talking about “How much “digital” is needed in order to build sustainable business relationships in a context of crisis.

As we at Nexell put relationships at the center of CRM, the LiveCast participation will be FREE of charge. Instead, we will invite attendees to voluntarily contribute to a great cause by donating money to the Coronavirus Solidarity Fund as a key and very topical initiative.

The foundation’s vital work, sustaining life changing projects, has the potential to benefit all one of us and Nexell is proud to be playing a tiny, yet essential, part in the process.

To find out more about the technical implementation of Salesforce and the Nexell services provided to the USZ Foundation, please have a look at their success story.
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