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20th May 2021

EVENT LiveCast How much digital is needed 20 May 2021

How much "digital" is needed?

Building sustainable business relationships by leveraging opportunities in a context of crisis.

The year 2020 was challenging for every business as well as nonprofit organizations in many ways. The economy forced organizations to adapt one day to the next.

Digitalization has moved into the focus of today’s businesses even more. Home office and remote work capabilities became the default way to keep the businesses running. Access to real-time information and customer data through updated and connected digital systems has to be guaranteed in order to work efficiently and be successful, for the long run.

Have you considered how your organization is facing this “new normal” as well as taking on these technologies and unavoidable digital developments and challenges?
  • What digital tools help you have the ability and flexibility to react to a unique situation & quickly adapt to a “new normal”?
  • What are the key factors to ensure stable, sustainable business & customer relationships these days?
  • The importance of Customer Relationship Management in the context of crisis.
  • How do you know that your CRM system and other digital tools are future- and even lockdown-proof?
  • How does salesforce help organizations & businesses manage their customer data and leverage opportunities in challenging times?

Join us for an evening of live, virtual discussions and business use cases, on how companies and organizations did react or adapted to this unexpected situation - what worked well and what could have worked better.

Finally, we will be sharing best practices & key factors for a successful 2021.

Please note that this event is offered FREE of charge for all participants.
Instead, we hope for your voluntary contribution to a great cause by as any people as possible - the Corona Solidarity Fund of the USZ Foundation as a key and topical initiative in these trying times.  We appreciate your contribution.

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