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11th May 2021
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“Prevent and manage duplicates in Salesforce” technical explanations on how duplicate management works in Salesforce (with real cases!)

As you all know all data can contain duplicates, in this webinar we are going to focus on Account duplicates. The same concepts can be applied and contextualized to other objects as well, i.e. Contacts, Leads, Products, etc.

Join us to find out more about duplicate management with Salesforce, we’ll go through real cases and explain best practices at a technical level.

 Key Learnings:
  • How does duplicate management work in Salesforce Lightning?
  • How to actually find duplicates in Salesforce Lightning?
  • Hands on / demo
    • Matching Rules: definition of the criteria (to identify a duplicate)
    • Duplicate Rules: controls what happens when a duplicate is found
  • Q&A

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