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19th January, 2021

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Your organization has questions? And your Salesforce data has the answers!

Salesforce reports help you answer all your business questions with the power of your data. And Dashboards visualize your data so you get insights at a glance.

When you get asked to build a report, the request usually comes in the form of a question. The question might go something like this:
  • Which products sell best in which region?
  • Which marketing campaigns have been the most successful?
  • Who are my highest value prospects?
  • How satisfied are my customers or donors?
In our previous session (17th November, 2020), we learnt how to create reports with Salesforce based on your Salesforce data. 

In this virtual session, you will see how to turn your reports into powerful Dashboards - Beginners Level.

A unique experience to share with our Nexell consultant.