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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and project is a complex thing. It is a multi-dimensional puzzle requiring experience, discipline, professionalism and the capability to think "out of the box". Our customers benefit and appreciate our neutral and unbiased approach to their CRM implementation.
Having an external partner, independent of which system is being implemented, who is not involved in the daily company politics, is an advantage.
 crm education by Nexell
Being one of the first European partners, as well as an Oracle partner, and having experience with mutiple CRM systems and technologies, means that our customers can take advantage of the experiences gained in countless projects. Be it a simple vtigerCRM, SugarCRM or CiviCRM implementation for a small or medium sized company or non-profit organization, or a multinational CRM deployment of or Oracle CRM on Demand, Nexell will provide you the experience, structured approach and proven methodology needed to keep your project on time and on budget.
All services can be provided in English, German, French, as well as Italian, Greek, Swedish and Hungarian.

CRM FastTrack:
Get your CRM project off to a quick start and get all the tools, documents and methodologies needed to successfully continue the implementation on your own terms.
  • Free CRM licenses for 30 days
  • Pre-project preparation documents
  • Kick-off meeting
  • BPR - Business Process Review
  • Basic system configuration guidelines and initial setup
  • Data review and import
  • Hands on training
  • Tips & guidelines for your next steps

A CRM FastTrack usually takes 1-2 full days, depending on size and project complexity.
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Our full project services, independent of system being implemented, can be summarized and grouped into three areas, and summarized as follows. All services are customized, based on customer / project requirements:

CRM ProServices:
Independent of your project size, complexity, local or international, Nexell provides the necessary services to help you be successful, on track and on budget.
  • Pre-project preparation documents
  • Business Process Review and analysis
  • Systems requirements definition
  • Complete system configuration, customization and setup
  • Testing, simulation and prototyping
  • Data management, quality & cleansing
  • 3rd party systems integration
  • Rollout, training and Go Live strategy
CRM Education:
Nexell offers a full range of education and training services, complementing's standard product training.
  • Customer / project specific user training
  • Module / application specific user training
  • System administration training
  • New release / new features training
  • CRM conceptual / organizational training
  • Business based trainings, around
    • CRM Awareness training
    • Telesales and call techniques
    • Effective customer service techniques
    • Call handling and management
  • Custom designed courses and programs based on customer
    specific requirements.

Training can be provided in traditional classroom format, at customer site or at a Nexell-organized location. Training is also available online and a professional WBT (Web Based Training) or blended learning basis.

CRM Support and Administration:
Nexell's Support and Administration services helps customers achieve the maximum from their CRM throughout the year, without the added costs of having your own internal trained system's administrator.
  • Multilingual user support, in all CRM & system areas
  • Same business day response
  • All users are provided a dedicated multilingual customer support portal
  • Full system administration and modifications, in all system areas
  • Best practices, Prototyping and Benchmarking
  • Strategic support & consultation for further system changes, new deployments, customer re-organizations and new customer strategies etc
  • Support with each new system release, new features and functions, deployment strategy etc.
  • System configuration, maintenance and execution of campaigns, setup, workflows, security, data quality etc
  • Reports and dashboards creation, modification
  • etc

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Nexell GmbH, based in Switzerland & Germany is your and, Pardot and Fonteva partner.

Founded in 2002, we help our customers and non-profit organizations in the field of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Our services, technologies and strategies culminates from years of experience with large and small firms, resulting in a set of best practices which are applied to all our projects, big and small, locally and internationally.