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Being a single person business does not have to mean that you cannot measure up to the BIG players.

Your needs are identical to the needs of your competitors, suppliers and partners. Essentially, you need to be as dynamic, organized and efficient as possible, while managing your costs and doing everything you can to manage, maintain & improve your business relationships.

crm for single person 

If you are:

  • At ends with managing your business with an endless trail of paperwork, documents and files.
  • Maintaining your customer relationships, datas, emails, call & appointment lists and overall picture of your business in Outlook and / or Excel spreadsheets
  • In need of a professional website and web presence and platform
  • In need of a real email address with your own company's domain name (forget those / / addresses)
  • In need of an overall update in how you manage your daily business and your customer relationships (CRM?)

You need to contact Nexell as soon as possible.

We can help you with the above and more, and enable you to compete efficiently, on the same level as your competitors and larger firms.

Contact us for a discussion. It may be the boost to your business you've been looking for.


Nexell GmbH, based in Switzerland & Germany is your and, Pardot and Fonteva partner.

Founded in 2002, we help our customers and non-profit organizations in the field of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Our services, technologies and strategies culminates from years of experience with large and small firms, resulting in a set of best practices which are applied to all our projects, big and small, locally and internationally.

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