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The Salesforce Dilemma: Declarative Vs Programmatic?

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  One of the main challenges for Salesforce professionals while implementing Salesforce is the choice of automation strategy and tactics.  Salesforce provides great automation tools for non-developer consultants (like myself) such as workflows , process and visual flows , but when not used carefully, these friendly and visually attractive assistants can become your worst nightmare. As new requirements are being added to the project, that automated flow you created at the very beginning of the project— which made you look smart in front of your colleagues — can suddenly start multiplying like wet gremlins if you’re not careful. The new project requirements result in your automation tactic becoming out-of-control to the point that you may find yourself stuck and needing to call another superhero (since you are not one anymore): your developer . You see, developers are often involved too late in the automation strategy. This is because we think...
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CRM for Startups - Too early to be good?

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Featuring and GENILEM Switzerland is a very unique country from several points of view, be it geographical, political or linguistic. Despite its size, Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world (WIPO) and entrepreneurship is at the very heart of the economy. In technology, almost 1 new startup is created every day in Switzerland, which is 4 times more than in 2002 (Swiss Startup Radar). 99% of the companies in Switzerland are SMEs and 89% have less than 10 staff members (Federal Statistics Office), which contrasts with the perception that Switzerland is mainly made of multinational companies. Over the last few years, digitization has set new rules for businesses: access to wider but more competitive markets, new sales and communication channels, new regulations and stricter data privacy laws, etc. These new rules apply to all types of businesses and startups cannot avoid them. Entrepreneurs, startupers and inventors can...
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Our clients'​ top 5 reasons for switching to Lightning

If you have been using for a few years now, you are probably still in the middle of the "Classic Vs. Lightning debate" and I am sure you have your own opinion. When discussing with customers from various industries (Finance, NGO, luxury, etc.), we see that those who switched to Lightning would never go back to Classic. Let's share a few things with you... The top 5 only-in-Lightning features If you had to answer the question "is it a good time for me to switch?", here are 5 features that could help you move forward. Ready? Read the full article here...  

The Digitalization of the FinServ Sales and Marketing Process

HOW FINANCIAL SERVICES FIRMS CAN DIGITIZE THEIR SALES AND MARKETING PROCESSES USING CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES LIKE SALESFORCE WHILE STAYING COMPLIANT WITH GDPR The financial services sector is in full digital transformation and catching up with some of the more dynamic industries. A set of macro-economic and demographic influences makes change inevitable. Consumer trends like eCommerce, more stringent regulations such as GDPR, and the growing globalisation are changing the way clients act – and impacting the way financial services firms need to be run.  SalesWings, a lead intent profiling solution for financial services companies running on Salesforce , spoke with Cloud and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) expert David Derrier from European Salesforce consulting firm Nexell about how financial services companies can go about change. SalesWings : David, at Nexell you are helping financial services firms digitize various aspects of their sales process with the platform. What is the current state of the industry in...
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Lead prioritization: the secret sauce to spending more time on revenue-generating tasks.

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Content provided by guest author Philip Schweizer, CEO Saleswings . 68% . That’s the incredible share of time that your sales team likely spends on tasks which do not have a direct impact on your revenues, Salesforce claims in its third “ State of Sales” report . What happened to ABC - Always-Be-Closing? That’s what sales people are meant to do. There are many reasons why sales people spend their time away from the phone. Let’s have a closer look. Top causes for inefficient sales teams Professional call centers who are dialing out to sell various services or products have optimized their processes to make their sales reps efficient. While some just call contact lists from top to bottom (not very smart), others use advanced, so-called “predictive dialers” for CRM to connect the call center agent after 5 to 10 second intervals with the nextn call. None of these...
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Basée en Suisse et en Allemagne, Nexell GmbH est votre partenaire et, Pardot et Fonteva.

Fondée en 2002, l'entreprise aide ses clients et les organizations non-profit, dans le domaine de la gestion de la relation client, ou GRC (CRM). Ses services, technologies et stratégies sont le fruit d'années d'expérience et de collaboration avec de petites et de grandes entreprises qui ont permis de créer un ensemble de pratiques d'excellence appliquées à tous ses projets, petits ou grands, au plan local comme au plan international.

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