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Our clients'​ top 5 reasons for switching to Lightning


If you have been using for a few years now, you are probably still in the middle of the "Classic Vs. Lightning debate" and I am sure you have your own opinion. When discussing with customers from various industries (Finance, NGO, luxury, etc.), we see that those who switched to Lightning would never go back to Classic. Let's share a few things with you...

The top 5 only-in-Lightning features

If you had to answer the question "is it a good time for me to switch?", here are 5 features that could help you move forward. Ready?

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Basée en Suisse et en Allemagne, Nexell GmbH est votre partenaire et, Pardot et Fonteva.

Fondée en 2002, l'entreprise aide ses clients et les organizations non-profit, dans le domaine de la gestion de la relation client, ou GRC (CRM). Ses services, technologies et stratégies sont le fruit d'années d'expérience et de collaboration avec de petites et de grandes entreprises qui ont permis de créer un ensemble de pratiques d'excellence appliquées à tous ses projets, petits ou grands, au plan local comme au plan international.

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