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Mr. Kevin Lüber
Sales & Key Account Manager

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  • Strategic CRM Consulting
  • Technical Design
  • Project Management
  • Salesforce Configuration
  • Training
  • L3 Support
  • System Administration

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Siroop Story (PDF) is the first public on-line marketplace in Switzerland. Besides products from established on-line retailers, it sells, in particular, unique, discontinued or hand crafted products supplied by small, local merchants as well as brands that are unobtainable or difficult to find in Switzerland.

Every customer should be able to find exactly what they are looking for on siroop: More than 200 retailers offering 360,000 products in various categories ensure an exciting shopping experience. siroop stocks a comprehensive range of products to suit every taste and every budget – besides toys, beauty products and electrical appliances, the shop also sells media, sporting goods and home accessories. Items ordered from all the retailers are either delivered directly to your door or to one of over 150 pick-up points throughout Switzerland where siroop customers can collect or return their items. "Together with Nexell, we created tailored solutions, in line with our siroop processes, which helped us further develop our salesforce platform in a short period of time. This was benefitial to us in meeting our business goals. siroop is run by siroop AG, a joint venture set up by Coop and Swisscom in April 2015. siroop AG employs around 150 e-commerce specialists at its site in Zurich.

From the very outset, siroop’s ambition was to be not only the most popular and most relevant on-line marketplace delivering the best shopping experience in Switzerland, it was also to promote digitisation in Switzerland. In particular, siroop wanted to enable small retailers to digitise their product offering while minimising risk, thus tapping into a new customer base. siroop sees itself as an ecosystem of niche retailers and big players who link the on-line world to the off-line world.” explains CEO Constantin Hilt.

Right from the early days of siroop, the focus was always on promoting digital technologies in on-line business. Once siroop had defined its corporate strategy, the next step was to decide and define the technology that would be needed in order to make its entry into this exciting business area successful and fulfil its mission statement. It opted for as its CRM platform for the business launch. The main priority was to obtain high levels of customer satisfaction thanks to excellent customer loyalty. siroop has worked with, Salesforce’s sales cloud and marketing cloud, ever since the business launched.

Given siroop’s rapid growth in the first few months, it soon became apparent that and a sales cloud alone, without interfaces to each other, were not going to be sufficient to cope with siroop’s vision and future objectives. The target was that the various teams always had to be able to work together efficiently, transparently, in a straightforward way and as closely coordinated as possible, despite the firm’s growth.

To achieve sustainable change, siroop therefore needed not only a sustainable, reliable product, it also needed a personal, equally dependable partner capable of providing support and advice on technical questions regarding the implementation of its CRM solution, business matters and strategic decisions. For siroop, it was crucial that its situation was grasped quickly and efficient, sensible ways of achieving a solution were highlighted. siroop’s objectives, interests and needs were at the forefront from the very start of this successful collaboration.

By opting for Nexell, the first certified implementation partner in Europe, siroop chose a professional partner who had an in-depth understanding of its strategic CRM consulting business. The name Nexell is synonymous with many years of extensive business expertise, wide-ranging industry knowledge and needs- and results-oriented business analyses. Nexell’s continuously updated technical know-how, acquired over a period of many years, was a crucial component and benefit when evaluating the Salesforce products and add-on applications that were to be deployed by siroop.

As an experienced partner, Nexell can always leverage references and the best practices of other customers; this also proved decisive when it came to making further decisions at siroop. siroop continues to reap the benefit of Nexell’s expertise and its network of contacts and references. All these capabilities confirm that opting to work alongside Nexell was the right choice. siroop can already look back at a rapid, successful implementation phase.

By adopting as its technical component, siroop chose future-oriented, sustainable, reliable CRM and cloud computing technologies.

The original application was replaced by Service Cloud which supplemented the sales cloud functionality. This was intended to make Customer Service and Support even more efficient and transparent in many respects. A case and ticketing system customised to suit siroop helped deliver consistently high customer satisfaction levels and professional, personalised customer care.

At the same time, forward planning anticipated and laid the foundation for other future applications, such as integrating call centre software, including CTI and Live Chat.

Since launched, as reported in the media, on the other side of the value chain, a rush of retailers are keen to start using the on-line business world and distribute their products via The addition of Sales Cloud now allows efficient, technical retailer integration through on-line lead acquisition. New retailers can enter their inquiries independently and directly via and this gives the siroop sales team quick access to up-to-date, high-quality information at all times.

This saves individual Key Account Managers and Category Management a lot of time and allows them to devote more time to business development, retailer support and selecting and analysing large numbers of potential retailers and products. This is very important as part of quality assurance for products that are put on sale on and to help achieve the goal of massively expanding its innovative product range, which siroop has set itself.

Marketing Cloud makes application functions and data available to customers on their on-line marketplace. It also helps siroop carry out customer mailings, social media campaigns and other marketing measures. This gets siroop even closer to its valued customers and their needs. has been a big hit with young, success-oriented siroop staff members. Besides facilitating their day-to-day work, it enables them to identify areas where there is still room for potential improvements and changes that would make their work even easier or improve processes in their digital environment.

This mix of personal commitment, thirst for success, customer orientation, professional collaboration, know-how and openness, teamed with solid, future-oriented technology, will continue to be the driving force behind this young on-line marketplace. It will allow siroop to keep on successfully launching new, attractive products and services and offering retailers stock facilities and additional services. We wish siroop continued success in the future!

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